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King´s Evil
June 2002
Released: 2002, Worldchaos Production / Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Japanese kamikaze Thrash torpedos in King´s Evil i.e. Wataru Jamada on guitar/vocals, Masamichi Yamada on guitar, Takachika Nakajima on bass and Eiji Murakami on drums have got a crystal-clear vision of how to play extremely tight, ripping, catchy, absolutely frenzied and totally punishing ol´ school Thrash Metal, cherishing a heritage of such fine and important Thrash acts as Kreator, Forbidden, Slayer and even Dekapitator – and oh boy, are our fellow Thrash brothers from far East stayed loyal to the single notes of those four abovementioned bands on their head-stomping debut DELETION OF HUMANOISE? Oh yes… they certainly have, namely DELETION OF HUMANOISE sounds very much like a tribute album to their obvious musical influences and I cannot do anything else but adore how “Thrash” these guys´ mentality and attitude seem to be to the very depths of their cores. The whole album is a total the ´80s Thrash Metal worshipping and there´s no question about it if you consider yourself as a big fan of that particular genre and era, then you cannot miss this album by a chance. Wataru sounds exactly like Mille of Kreator at his early twenties in the early days; it´s hard to make a difference between Kerry King´s guitar solos on some of the Slayer´s ´80s works and Masamichi´s electric outbursts on this one and while you listen to the 1st song off the album called “Victim and Hate”, you will absolutely realize why Forbidden had such a magnificent role as a part of the Bay Area scene. Like their riffs have straight been ´borrowed´ from the notebooks of Forbidden; some obvious similarities can be drawn especially out of this tune.

Along with Terror Squad and Ritual Carnage, King´s Evil come and prove that the Japanese Thrash Metal scene is doing really well and definitely making a worthwhile invasion on the worldwide fields of an intense and enjoyable Thrash Metal. If you don´t believe my shamelessly praiseful words ´bout this new and killer Thrash outfit, then you are a fool and know nothing ´bout the essence of a great piece of music and deserve to die by the fuckin´ sword!! All the hails to King´s Evil now… be welcome to conquer the world by your kick-ass Thrash!!
Track Listing

01. Victim and Hate
02. Detonation
03. Web of Lies
04. Fanatical Devotion
05. False Pride
06. Punish with Death
07. Core Dead
08. Scream


Wataru Jamada - Guitar & vocals
Masamichi Yamada - Guitar
Takachika Nakajima - Bass
Eiji Murakami - Drums

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