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King of Darkness
Triple Whammy
February 2003
Released: 2002, Lion Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

The band should have called themselves King of Rock cause that is what they do, ROCK! And they do it in a big way! It seems today that every band must fit into some sub genre of a sub genre of music. Well I am only going to classify King of Darkness as hard rock. They have a great guitar driven sound that at times reminds me of Van Halen, Skid Row and even Harem Scarem without actually sounding like any of those bands. One last surprise, the band hails from Japan. With the popularity of metal and hard rock in Japan its no surprise that a band of this caliber can be spawned in that environment. Formed in 1989, King of Darkness released their first demo called THE PRINCIPLE OF DARKNESS in 1993. After releasing a second demo in 1995 called AGGRESSION IN RAGE, the band went through a number of member changes. King of Darkness resurfaced in 1999 as a trio and recorded TRIPLE WHAMMY in 2000. Lion Music has picked up the band for European distribution and the rest is history.

With an intensity lacking in hard rock in the new Millennium, King of Darkness have spun a disc of 10 tracks that are sure to contain something for every melodic metal fan. “Strange Neighborhood”, “Terminal Condition” and “Turbine” are upbeat tracks that are among that most memorable on the CD. The guitars sound on the album is very full and crunchy and guitar player Takahiro Hashimoto is certainly a gifted musician. “Strange Neighborhood” in fact could have been at home on any Dokken CD. “None of Your Cheers” is where the Van Halen influence comes in as Hashimoto does his best Eddie impersonation. Maybe Diamond Dave could give this guy a call to save his career? The lone ballad on the disc is heart wrenching “Long Way”. Personally I enjoy a good ballad and King Of Darkness deliver with one of the best that have heard in quite awhile.

This disc really took me by surprise. When I first looked at it and saw the title TRIPLE WHAMMY I was a bit put off. It wasn’t the most impressive title that I had ever heard but the material inside the disc makes up for that. King of Darkness has managed to do what very few bands today have or can do. They have made a hard rock CD that contains all the best elements of what made the genre so popular while building on that sound to create something that is their own.
Track Listing

1. Feel the Fire. Fire
2. Strange Neighbourhood
3. Place Liberty
4. None of Your Cheers !
5. Deceptive Victim
6. Long Way
7. Terminal Condition
8. Road to Madness
9. Triple Whammy
10. Turbine





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