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King Diamond
March 2000
Released: 1986, Roadrunner Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Classic Pick of the Month

I was finished my reviews for this month and then realized that no classic pick had been chosen for this month. I went to my CD rack scanning through some older CD's and my eyes locked in on my King Diamond / Mercyful Fate CD's. The choice was clear - ABIGAIL!!!! For me this is THE King Diamond CD and it's the one by which I judge all other King Diamond CD's. It is definitely the best King CD.

It's hard to believe that this CD came out 14 years ago in 1986! I can remember seeing the video for "The Family Ghost" and being blown away by the aggression, the melody, and of course by the shredding of guitar god Andy La Rocque. Rounding out the line-up for this CD is Michael Denner on guitar, Mikkey Dee on drums, Tim Hansen on bass and of course the metal god himself - King Diamond! This is perhaps my favorite line-up for the King Diamond band. But as long as King and Andy are together - that's the main thing. Losing Mikkey Dee was kinda shitty though, especially to a band like Motorhead, who although are cool in their own way, have nothing at all in common with King Diamond! Listening back to "Abigail" drives home the fact that there are a lot of power metal bands who owe some props to the music of King Diamond - BIG TIME!! This CD has more than withstood the test of time. It's not at all old or cheesy 80's sounding. It sounds every bit as vital and awesome today as it did back then.

It's quite difficult to pick out my favorite tracks on this CD but the tracks "Abigail" and "The Family Ghost" are two of my favorite King Diamond songs. I also love the lengthy track "Black Horsemen" with the combination of the clean guitar and heavy parts. It also features some very cool melodic vocals. You also gotta love the album intro "Funeral" which was quite fun to recite in class in high school. All of two or three people knew what I was talking about - the rest just assumed I was insane...oh well they had better beware of the slippery stairs cause they could easily fall...and break their necks!!! haha.

Not much else to say besides... if you don't own this CD then I pity you. This is excellent, influential, melodic, twisted, gottaownit METAL. Oh yeah, and for those who have said "but I can't get into the vocals..." - Smarten the hell up, or King will send you to heaven!

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