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Enthusiastic Corruption of the Common Good
January 2003
Released: 2003, Willowtip
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Enygma

From the moment that I saw the title of Kalibas' new EP, I suspected that I might take issue with it. Prejudice can turn out to be unfounded. However, prejudice can also be confirmed. But before I indulge in opinion-mongering (and I shall call it by such a lofty name for Kalibas seems not to be plain spoken), I shall provide some historical background to illumine the object of the discussion. Kalibas hails from Rochester, and have already released a full-length platter of auditory tit-bits entitled "Product of Hard Living".

Kalibas purportedly plays music where "twin guitars nurture a tremendously technical and distinct spirographic style of stress-addled riffery set to boggle and toggle the controls for the heart of the sun" with "superimposed rhythmic layering and orchestrated maze-like mantras of twirly-sirly serpentine melody". Now the interpretation of this opens a number of possibilities:

1) My six years of tertiary education failed miserably cuz I don't know what the hell that means.

2) These guys are wannabe politicians that spend entire nights thinking up confounding phrases.

3) All that just means "plain death metal / grind with contrived anti-globalisation lyrics".

I would venture that case number 3 might accord with the reality of the situation. In plain English: these guys play mildly entertaining standard grind with lyrics that are either the most contrived or the most hilarious in the genre (though once again I'd rather go with "contrived").

Musically, the band is solid, without departing far from the standards of the genre. So in deciding whether you should check Kalibas out, conduct this simple experiment: read the tracklist. If you feel that a track entitled "Trilateral Preternatural Domination Through World Bank Control" will add meaning to your life, you have found your new favourite band. If not, there are bands like AC/DC that will surely appeal to the more, shall we say, simplistically inclined amongst us.

PS: After having written I found out that Kalibas has broken up. Oh well, life goes on...
Track Listing

1. Isolate The Paranoia
2. From Ivory Towers Above the Control Grid
3. No Food or Water Without It
4. Murder of High Ranking Extropians
5. Trilateral Preternatural Domination Through World Bank Control


Matt Colbert - Guitar
Ryan Horwarth - Bass
Kurt Lancaster - Drums
Patrick Murphy - Voice
Jody Roberts - Guitar

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