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Kimmo Kuusniemi Band (Sarcofagus)
Motorbirds (DVD)
January 2009
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The MOTORBIRDS video was done as early as in 1981, and then it was forgotten for 27 years. Only two original masters were done for this, and both of them got lost in a sum of different circumstances. In 2003, one of the two masters was found. However, in the following 4 years from that, Kimmo was kept constantly busy with several projects he had back then, and so the release of MOTORBIRDS was pushed further.

Finally, in 2008, this absolutely biggest gem of the whole Finnish heavy metal history, has seen the light of day. As a trivia-like side note, the album version for MOTORBIRDS was originally released under the Kimmo Kuusniemi Band, even if it should have released under Sarcofagus´ name because they still had 3 original Sacrofagus members in the line-up at that time.

Back to this video though. One question needs to be asked from each of you for starters: How many metal videos did you manage to see back in 1981? Not that many? I thought so... In fact, there weren´t that many of them around during those days - and it´s certain that sales videos of heavy metal bands were counted with the fingers of one hand only. The video technology for rock videos of any kind, wasn´t too advanced in the early ´80s at all. Sacrofagus (or Kimmo Kuusniemi Band, whatever you prefer) from Finland, made this very ambitious full-length video project in 1981, however, so consider them as quite revolutionary pioneers of the music video age.

This MOTORBIRDS video contains 8 songs all in all that have a sort of story, connecting all these 8 songs together, and these songs have certain images supporting the lyrics of the songs (truck driving, jeep driving, messing around in snow with toy guns, skydiving, snowy cemetery scenes courtesy of Kimmo with his guitar, and so on. Just lots of cheesy, but very funny stuff). The cheese factor of this video is naturally unquestionable, but who cares after all because there´s a very strong nostalgic vibe wrapped around this whole thing.

In my opinion, the first two songs and videos on this somewhat historic heavy metal DVD release, "Truth of 1000 Mega Watts" and "Thoughts of a Sculpture", represent the very best of Sacrofagus/K.K.B. musically at least. "Truth..." is a majestically slowly moving, doom-ish track, while "Thoughts..." is a fast-paced type of song, in which Kimmo throws in some pretty killer leads. The band´s vocalist in these two videos, Kirka (Babitzin; R.I.P., 1950-2007), looks like Rob Halford during the times of Priest´s BRITISH STEEL album, with similar type of leather costumes and haircut even. His sister, Muska (Babitzin) sings in some videos as does Jukka (Ritari), but they are no match for Kirka´s excellent voice. Kimmo (Kuusniemi) rages madly yet hilariously throughout each song with his guitar, but we still need remember the times when all these songs were captured on film. If this DVD (or VHS preferably) had been released in 1981, as it was originally supposed to be, nobody knows exactly what kind of impact it would have had on the whole metal scene and music business back in those days? It will remain an unsolved mystery...

MOTORBIRDS is a mandatory DVD release from every aspect anyway, especially if you are a Sarcofagus fan and have been dying to get your hands on it. Here´s your chance finally, so do use it well, ok? ;o)
Track Listing

01. Truth of 1000 Mega Watts
02. Thoughts of a Sculpture
03. Metallic Rainbow
04. Cemetery for the Living
05. Death Dealer
06. House
07. Motorbirds
08. Mega Machine


Kimmo Kuusniemi - Guitar
Juha Kiminki - Bass
Upi Sorvali - Drums
Esa Kotilainen - Keyboards
Kirka Babitzin - Vocals
Muska Babitzin - Vocals
Jukka Ritari - Vocals
Jouko Kiminki - Acoustic guitar

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