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Kimmo Kuusniemi Band
October 2007
Released: 2007, Poptori
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finnish label Poptori did it again. A remarkable piece of Finnish heavy metal has seen the light of day. One of the most influential and original Scandinavian metal bands, Sarcofagus - or this time under Kimmo Kuusniemi Band (thanks to some odd label policy back in the day), have now gotten their 3rd album, titled MOOTTORILINNUT (or "Motorbirds", translated into English) reissued first time as a CD-format via Poptori, making this piece of Finnish heavy metal history available for all hunters of rare metal music. Thumbs of respect up for that achievement.

The line-up on MOOTTORILINNUT, features naturally all the members from the past line-ups of Sarcofagus albums, with addition of Kirka (R.I.P.) - and Muska Babitzin as the guest vocalists who also both achieved their own remarkable and long careers in Finland during the early 60´s up to the current century.

Musically there´s not much difference to Sarcofagus´ stuff (as Kimmo Kuusniemi Band - practically speaking IS, Sarcofagus). The progressive, somewhat obscure, dark-flavored NWOBHM on MOOTTORILINNUT has its own specific, strong nostalgic feeling to it - bringing out all those magical moments from the band´s past times, some 25 years ago (the album was originally released on a small Play Records in 1982). Each song on this album, has its own type of charisma, which yet again, has a lot of to do with the times when the album was first released. In fact, a similar thing happens with almost every record that you remember taking you personally into heavy rock/metal back in the day - MOOTTORILINNUT representing me pretty much all that as well as far as the whole history Finnish heavy rock (or metal) in particular, is concerned. The album´s nostalgic value is naturally huge, of course.

Naming just one song off the album as some sort of a stand-out track, would be kind of wrong, or even criminal since the album reeks so strongly of such an important piece of the Finnish heavy rock history that none of the album´s 8 tracks can be ignored with an impassive shrug. The entire album has highly been valued amongst some certain circles of (Finnish) people for what it is all about - and what kind of meaning it has had for a bunch of musicians over 3 decades by now. However, something strange insists me to advertise a song called "1000 Megawatin Totuus ("Truth of 1000 Mega Watts")", which is without doubts, the album´s heaviest number, with a hypnotic semi-doom metal feeling dominating the song from start to finish. Even measured by any standards, it´s also one of the heaviest and most captivating songs that the main motor of Sarcofagus, Kimmo Kuusniemi, has ever penned during his respectable long career (which, by the way, will supposedly continue in 2008 with Sarcofagus´ return to the concert stages).

Either way, hunting down the original vinyl version for MOOTTORILINNUT, is simply impossible these days. It doesn´t help even if you were to turn every rock over twice around on this globe - believe me, you still wouldn´t find it. Therefore be sure to grab your own copy of this true gem now when it´s still easily available through Poptori. So in the other words, act now!
Track Listing

01. Metallinen Sateenkaari ("Metallic Rainbow")
02. Kuoleman Kauppias ("Death Dealer")
03. 1000 Megawatin Totuus ("Truth of 1000 Mega Watts")
04. Elävien Hautausmaa ("Cemetery for the Living")
05. Moottorilinnut ("Motorbirds")
06. Veistoksen Ajatuksia ("Thoughts of a Sculpture")
07. Talo ("House")
08. Megakone (Mega-machine")


Kirka Babitzin - Vocals (R.I.P. 1950-2007)
Muska Babitzin - Vocals
Jukka Ritari - Vocals
Kimmo Kuusniemi - Guitars
Juha Kiminki - Bass
Upi Sorvali - Drums

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