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A Stab in the Heart of Christ
June 2014
Released: 2014, Moribund Cult
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Following on from their critically acclaimed Bloodbath in Satanic Vengeance debut in 2011, Californian power-trio KILLGASM return with their highly anticipated second album, A Stab in the Heart of Christ. The band's first album for MORIBUND, A Stab in the Heart of Christ is everything it says on the tin: blistering, belligerent black metal fused with caustic, chaotic grindcore, with the target firmly set on dog's creation.

Black grinding terror. Hell yeah!! Powerful intro into machine gun tightness of drums. This band is tighter than a nun's nasties. Tempo changes quicker than a girls choice of lipstick.

A stab in the heart of christ. Awesome sample into massacring vocals. With thunder style drums and delays from the guitars. What a fat rhythm. Give me more. Revenge of Panzergoat. You want aggressive!! This band delivers. The pit for this band with so much power will definitely come with a health warning. The smell of innocence. If hate had a sound it would be from this band. This band to me crosses between Cradle and Deicide. I am addicted. Humanity in ashes. Please be advised to take caution when listening to this album while driving. It is amazingly fast.. Luckily I have a diesel estate. Pain induced chords and super blast beat drums. Excellent. Miserable existence. A beautiful intro with a very melodic song. The tempo begins to get you. A fist swaying song with excellent tastes of samples. Then speeds up again. My favourite song on the album. High on church fumes. A fight song. This could pull the beard off any viking. What an amazing 3 piece band. I must see the mighty Killgasm live. Fisting your faith. Not one for Sunday school I must say. The chords are ferocious and the vocals are brutal. The eerie guitars and hellfire drums. The chord progression make your head spin. Anthemic at the least. Cold,dead and spread. Wow!!!! Sample is awesome. Straight in again with such pressision. I am very impressed. I think a new T-shirt will definitely be purchased. This is only their second album from this californian 3 piece. I can't believe I have not heard about this band before. Planet earth mass grave. "you are a degenerate piece of filth. And you deserve to die ". Now that is how you start a song. This song truly is faster than a chav in a benefit queue!!! With the mixture of the two voices and the relentless of the drums. This song kicks ass!!!

Buy this album. Killgasm have a new fan.

Review by Wez Gill
Track Listing

1. Black Grinding Terror
2. Revenge of the Panzergoat
3. Planet Earth Mass Grave
4. The Smell of Stolen Innocence
5. Cold, Dead and Spread
6. High on Church Fumes
7. A Stab in the Heart of Christ
8. Fisting Your Faith
9. Miserable Existence
10. Humanity in Ashes


Kuntslaughter- Vocals, Drums
Corpse Bukkake- Bass

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