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Kill For Eden
Living On Mars
January 2014
Released: 2013, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Living On Mars is a sneak peek preview of things to come from up and coming London rock group Kill For Eden, and from the first few bars of the very first song, this is something that should perk up the ears of any fan of heavy music. There’s no getting around the fact that as soon as you hear Lyla D’Souza start singing she has one of those incredibly powerful female Rock voices that just hits you with a punch and you’re just left thinking nothing else but “WOW!”.

Sadly as the release is only 3 tracks long it’s always difficult to write a massively long review but the first track Living On Mars has a definite Skunk Anansie feel to it of aggressive melodic rock and soaring powerful female vocals. Track 2, The Dome (inspired by the Stephen King novel of the same name) is a more up-tempo punky/metal style track with fast verses and gorgeous production throughout the entire track, the vocals especially sound hauntingly beautiful and the guitar playing is fantastic. My only quibble would be that the guitar solos sit a little bit too low in the mix but they are still there to be heard to be fair. The final track on the EP entitled Shoot Me is a more mid tempo groove based song of nice mellow sounding verses and a hard hitting aggressive chorus that is sure to get live audiences moving as well.

All in all, although this is only a 3 track EP (which is always a difficult one both for bands trying to put across their music and sound, and also for reviewers to really give an accurate and fair review of a band they may not have discovered before) this release is still very solid, the production is absolutely beautiful and you can tell that it’s gone through the famous Abbey Road studios. It really does sound pretty perfect.

The songs themselves have all the right groove, heaviness and catchiness that you want from a debut teaser EP and the vocals are some of the most powerful female vocals I’ve heard in a long time. I really wish I could hear more but I guess that’s exactly the point of this release, it will definitely perk up your interest and leave you wanting to hear more. Here’s hoping we can see Kill For Eden storming live stages across the UK very soon!

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. Living On Mars
2. The Dome
3. Shoot Me


Vocals - Lyla D'Souza
Guitars – Dave Garfield
Guitars – Andrea Basiola
Bass – Mike McGuinness
Drums – Wally Mirosnikov

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