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Näen ja Kuulen... Mutta Puhe Sammaltaa.
March 2011
Released: 2011, Kilju Tuotanto
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Our scary-looking but beloved Finnish home-made brew smelling punk/hardcore heroes, Kiljuvelka-70, hit back with another album within only 1 year. As I reported in July last year, Kiljuvelka-70´s punk/hardcore assault has something truly tempting in it, in which the 80s punk and hardcore vibe and attitude all come through like a broken beer bottle nailing through the back of your hand.

Evidently Kiljuvelka-70 is the kind of a band that has a strong voice of opinion through their lyrics. Both current and past social phenomena aren´t safe if it depends on Kiljuvelka-70 to get their message through loud and clear. Nothing´s sacred enough to these four old-school HC-men. Things get said the way they are, sissies.

This is what the band´s 2nd album, NÄEN JA KUULEN… MUTTA PUHE SAMMALTAA (a rough translation to this title in English could be: ”I Can See And Hear… But My Talk Is Slur”) is purely all about, too: a straight and honest old-school punk/hardcore record lyrically, accompanied by violent and hostile attacks that have lots of unwritten, nostalgic charm to them – sort of wrapping up aptly the times when the voice of punk/hardcore bands were basically the only channels to tell the world how rotten – with all corruption, poverty, double-dealing and shit, the whole worldwide society was.

There´s something really captivating yet funny in Kiljuvelka-70´s Finnish-sung raw, punk-ish hardcore outbursts. If you are a native Finn, then it at least doubles the fun element in them because of its well-written lyrical approach in the songs. The lyrics are truly spot-on; dealing with different negative issues of society, politics, religion, death – and of course in Kiljuvelka-70´s case, home-made brew cannot be left totally untouched either.

As for the content of this album song-wise, there´s 11 frenzied and energetic punk/hardcore songs on this record – each of them lasting about 1 minute and a half, so we don´t talk about any marathon length of an album on here at all. Due to songs´ length, it´s a bit pity that all the fun is over a bit too soon. It would have done any harm to this record if they had recorded another 11 songs for it to make their sweat and beer reeking HC last longer. Oh well, you can always push the ´repeat´ button, so…

Kiljuvelka-70 did it again. I mean, surprised me by the fact that truly honest and pure old-school punk/hardcore can still be done at these times – and it can even be done with the exactly right recipe. Kiljuvelka-70 has that recipe, which is nothing but a damn cool thing.
Track Listing

01. Sun Elämäs?
02. Kansanruumis
03. Hevikiska
04. Puolan Malli
05. Kohti Kuolemaa
06. Räsänen
07. Henki Pois!
08. Kiljukeisari
09. E.S.E.K.
10. Livets Råhet
11. Syntynyt Häviään


Pate - Vocals
Janne - Guitar
Oppu - Bass
Otto - Drums

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