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Ihmis-saastaa ja Pohjasakkaa (EP)
July 2010
Released: 2010, Violent Journey Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Anyone who was living the punk/hardcore scene back in the 80´s, knows it was something not to be ignored by an arrogant shrug of the shoulders. The 80´s punk/hardcore scene with bands like G.B.H., Discharge, Minor Threat, Anti Cimex, Totalitär - among a countless number of other socially and politically opinioned bands, not only got their messages through to society, but also influenced many metal acts by aggressive and violent music around the globe for many years to come (Anthrax, Sepultura, Metallica, etc.).

Kiljuvelka-70, this so-called "super group" of some known Finnish musicians, have decided to pay homage to the early 80´s punk/hardcore scene by their 12-track, strongly home-made brew smelling punk/hardcore assault in which the guys´ roots for their own teenage times punk/HC heroes shines through every moment. This basically gives a fair truckload of justification to this potentially dangerous ´project´ of theirs.

Staying as loyal to the spirit and vibe of those past punk/HC times as possible, all the songs on this release has been played in one take, with a minimum amount of time used for rehearsing and shaping up the songs for this less than 30-minute punk/hardcore outburst. The songs sound raw, simple, honest and extreme and capture the right vibe of those times. There´s nothing fake in Kiljuvelka-70´s uncompromisingly brutal sound, and it´s very easy to relate to their Finnish sung punk/HC full-on anarchy on this record. Careful and more experienced listeners can also find small similarities to early Autopsy´s simple song structures, as a song called "Kusee Omille Kintuilleen" evidently has.

IHMIS-SAASTAA JA POHJASAKKAA is basically nothing but a well-made nostalgia trip back to the early punk/HC times when the youth were full of angst, hate and frustration - and the punk and hardcore stuff made it possible for them to release some of that repressed anger and hate mainly via self-financed releases. Kiljuvelka isn't anything but a pure 80´s-tinged punk/hardcore band, but they have rightfully earned their place in a site like due to that little fact of how much this kind of stuff has influenced metal bands for years.

Good, good shit here.
Track Listing

01. Kiljuvelka
02. Kauris (Jumalten Juoma)
03. Papit ja Pedofiilit
04. Maksun Aika
05. Katso Huomiseen
06. Systeemi Kusee Omille Kintuilleen
07. Ihmis-saasta
08. Helvetin Elämä
09. Systeemin Kahleet
10. Merimaa
11. Jäsenkirje
12. Sota-äpärä


Pate - Vocals
Janne - Guitar
Oppu - Bass
Otto - Drums

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