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Antillius: The King Of The Light
December 2014
Released: 2014, Scarlet
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Kaledon remains somewhat of an enigma to some, myself included. This band started their career (much like Rhapsody) with an utterly massive six album conceptual storyline that had poor distribution and was largely ignored. I don’t think I have ever met a Kaledon fan. They have very little hype or reviews, which is a shame because they deserve more acclaim.

This Italian Power band started to get more attention with their 7th album on Scarlet Records and are now back with their 8th full-length studio album ANTILLIUS:THE KING OF THE LIGHT which seems to be a semi-follow up to ALTOR:THE KING’S BLACKSMITH from last year.

There was a bit of a line-up shuffle as old drummer Luca left as quickly as he came and was replaced by Massimillanio (ex-Dragonhammer) and founding member and keyboardist, Daniel Fuligni left to be replaced by Paolo Campiteli. ANTILLIUS is set in the same timeframe (England 1200-1300) and is also set in the same realm as the first series of albums. It is not a direct continuation of ALTOR but is set in the same time and realm with some character crossover. There is a long and elaborate story on the bands website, I highly recommend you read it (if you are into High Fantasy Metal) to help understand the album a little better. The album is loaded with sound effects which really help bring the story alive.

Musically, Kaledon are quintessential Italian Power Metal of the highest caliber. This adds to the mysterious character of the band, namely: why is a band this talented and enjoyable not more well-regarded? The vocals soar, the guitar blazer, the drums pound along with raging double-kick, ANTILLIUS has all the basic minimum expected sonic requirements of a great record. Standout tracks include ‘New Glory For The Kingdom’ and the more mid-paced ‘The Angry Vengeance’. The keyboard infused classic Power Metal sounds rides along not too happy but not too dark either.

I am very favourable to these types of bands and albums and there is no reason why ANTILLIUS could not be very pleasurable listening experience for any dedicated Power Metal fan.
Track Listing

1. In Aeternum
2. The Calm Before the Storm
3. Friends Will Be Enemies
4. Elisabeth
5. New Glory for the Kingdom
6. The Party
7. The Evil Conquest
8. Light After Darkness
9. The Angry Vengeance
10. My Will
11. The Glorious Blessing
12. The Fallen King


Paolo Lezziroli Bass, Vocals
Paolo Campitelli Keyboards
Massimiliano Santori Drums
Marco Palazzi Vocals
Tommaso Nemesio Guitar
Alex Mele Guitar

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