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Abstract Entity
December 2009
Released: 2009, Symbolic Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

So, do we Finns have our own answer to In Flames, or even Soilwork here?

Well, I do not know about that, but anyway this 6-piece Finnish melodic and modern (Gothenburg) sounding metal outfit Kiana, that has been around since 2005, has already recorded a couple of EPs (DEEP INSIDE in 2006 and REFLECTIONS in 2008) that both have managed to create quite much a fuss around the band - yet the band has succeeded on the live front as well by proving to be a nonstop steaming machine in front of their crowd.

ABSTRACT ENTITY, the title of the band´s long awaited debut album, pretty much answers to people´s calls as this highly energetic and skilled Finnish bunch we are referring to, both recording- and live-wise. The songs are loaded with lots of bursting energy, aggression and sheer power - and it´s also nice to notice that they have been able to use a necessary amount of melodies within their songs, giving the songs a needed punch to bend at least a few pair of ears to their side.

The use of both growling and clean vocals works well, creating sort of beautiful harmony and balance around the songs - and I am almost certain that the guys have put very much effort into these vocal lines in order to make them work promptly - and to sound natural and not forced a bit. In the very same breath it´s gotta be said that the guitars´ role is also remarkable in Kiana´s songs, kinda whipping the overall aggressive atmosphere they have got squeezed into the songs - and just feeding the band´s inner fire for a better and stronger execution constantly. Also a very good production on ABSTRACT ENTITY surely helps to get their message through among listeners in a sufficient and effective enough way, I guess.

There are actually no weak moments in their performance on ABSTRACT ENTITY, unless we don´t count this certain In Flames/Soilwork sort of prototype vibes as those ´weak moments´ of theirs. Some strong, ironbound Gothenburg-ish influences are certainly there in Kiana´s musical approach - there´s no question about that. But then again, so many other bands have also tried to suck bands like In Flames and Soilwork dry so many times before (only metaphorically speaking - good grief!), so sounding like them cannot really be considered as one of Kiana´s personal 7 deadly sins, I think. The overall delivery of their songs is on a firm level, and the band has undoubtedly achieved all those necessary aces for this album that promise a good start for their journey in this world of heavy metal. Wishing them sincerely best of luck to that journey anyway.
Track Listing

01. Greed
02. Beloved Addiction
03. Heartburn
04. Scars
05. Son of the Dawn
06. Psychotic Drama
07. Brother’s Keeper
08. Reflections
09. The End
10. Worries Turned to Dreads
11. Sickness in Me


Jani Hytönen - Vocals
Jarno Suodenjoki - Guitar & backing vocals
Antti Kilpi - Guitar
Mika Björkholm - Bass
Wellu Koskinen - Drums
Felipe Muñoz - Keyboards

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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