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In Dwarven Halls
January 2016
Released: 2015, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Khazaddum is what Nile would sound like if Karl Sanders wrote songs about Tolkien mythology instead of ancient Egypt. IN DWARVEN HALLS is the Milwaukee quartet’s debut EP, and is as entrenched in Hobbit minutiae as Nile is pyramid sands. But even if orks and wizards aren’t your thing, Khazaddum cranks a seriously lethal brand of technical death metal that will grab your attention.

“The Grey Thus Commands” is a hyper speed, pack as many riffs into the next 30 seconds kind of brutal jam that recalls old Morbid Angel, it’s quality stuff. It’s readily apparent that Khazaddum know their way around their instruments, as the technical prowess is fierce. “Durin’s Bane” and “Thorin Oakenshield” pull off the accelerator a bit, but are no less complex. Plenty of long and winding notes matched against blast beats and scale running guitar solos. Luka Djordjevic is a vocal monster – the guy’s got a sick, guttural growl that’s often paired with witch like scowls; it’s a great balance to the musical fracas behind him.

Raging technical death metal was not at all what I expected from a Tolkien inspired metal band, but man, I’m glad I took a chance with Khazaddum. IN DWARVEN HALLS is available through the Khazaddum Bandcamp page – CD’s are $5, digital downloads are (wait for it…) pay what you want. Which means there’s no risk at all to check this out; so get to it already.
Track Listing

1. The Grey Thus Commands
2. Durin’s Bane
3. Thorin Oakenshield


Pete Kissane - Drums
Alex Rausa - Guitars
Pat Gunderson - Guitars
Luka Djordjevic - Vocals

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