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Reflections [EP]
April 2013
Released: 2013, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

‘Reflections’ is the first offering from electronic metal foursome, Khadian. It kicks off with a track also entitled Reflections and does not disappoint; drummer Maxx together with Guitarists Joseph and John creates a relentlessly pounding beat which is perfectly accompanied by subtle synthesised strings and keys.

Leon’s vocals are a little on the weak side at times, but he manages to portray a myriad of emotions through using a range of techniques. Next track Atonement is packed full of groove and Maxx keeps the track alive by throwing in an interesting little drum riff here and there.

The guitar riffs are not exactly anything special, but instead of being overly melodic or creative, they do a good job of maintaining a heavy, funky rhythm. Final track Tyrants has an altogether more brutal feel to it, with a speedier tempo, more double bass action and snappy guitar riffs.

Towards the end, the track starts to taper off until it ends up being just Leon’s vocals and a clean and gentle piano piece- a direction I did not expect the song to take based upon how it started off!

Khadian do not follow any rules- it is evident that they are heavily influenced by the likes of Fear Factory and meshuggah, based upon how focused they are upon rhythm and how they choose to use the electronic elements, but rather than ending up sounding like a tribute to either of these bands, they still retain a sense of originality.

As a first EP it is very well produced, and I look forward to hearing how this band will evolve.

Review by Soozi Q
Track Listing

1. Reflections 04:54
2. Atonement 03:45
3. Tyrants 05:05


Vocals - Leon Watkins
Bass - Joseph Perumal
Drums - Maxx Davies
Guitars/Electronics - John Tyrell

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