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Kevin Dubrow
In For The Kill
September 2004
Released: 2004, Shrapnel
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Covering The Covers

This is part of small five CD review feature I like to call ‘Covering the Covers’. Love ‘em or hate ‘em tribute CD’s and cover tune CD’s are here to stay. I personally enjoy covers for the most part as long as I like at least the band doing the covering or the bands being covered. Here is a very quick round up of five recently released cover CD’s including, L.A. Guns, Michael Schenker, Kevin Dubrow, George Lynch and Heathen.

This is by far my favorite of the five cover CD’s in the feature. Kevin Dubrow’s voice is so powerful and distinctive he really puts his stamp on this, his debut solo effort. Another Shrapnel label production the label made a poor choice in cover art featuring the Quiet Riot mascot. Yes, I understand that the label needs to market this disc to a wide range of people and having the recognizable dude on the front may attract a few buyers…but…who are we kidding? Only Kevin Dubrow fans are going to buy one of his solo albums let alone a covers CD so to hammer his past band connection home is about as subtle as a brick. The cover arts design and colour scheme are unappealing as well.

This whole project has a super fun vibe to it with many names from the past cropping up like Michael Lardie, Jeff Martin, and Peter Marrino. The song selection is a good time rockin’ affair. Although not every song by every band is well known to me they all have a passing familiarity with me from classic rock radio. It is good to hear songs by Sweet, Montrose and Nazarath get a heavier, faster and more intense treatment. Dubrows vocal delivery is the high point. His natural talent shines through and despite legal woes, personality conflicts, financial difficulties and band break-ups his voice really is phenomenal. I’m delighted to see such a great performer these high-octane goods.

I would like to see one of the elder statesmen of rock and metal do some new and exciting someday soon.
Track Listing

1. Burn On The Flame
2. Good Rocking Tonight
3. Black sheep Of The Family
4. Speed King
5. Stay with Me
6. Red Light Mama, Red Hot
7. Gonna Have A Good Time
8. Modern Times Rock And Roll
9. Drivin’ Sister
10. 20th Century Boy
11. Razamanaz
12. Rolling with My Baby


Kevin Dubrow-vocals
Kevin Curry-guitar
Gunter Nezhoda-bass
Michael Lardie-keyboards
Jeff Martin-drums



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