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Synthetically Revived
November 2003
Released: 2003, Diamond
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Diamond Records Spotlight

There is a small French label called Diamond Productions (distributed in Canada by Galy) who have just entered the metal sweepstakes and have recently released two CD’s in the death metal genre. Here is a look at the firs tbands on the label Carnal Lust and Kabbal. I have decided to do a double feature as these bands are both French, both started in 1999 and both play the same style of metal. Visit for more details and for news on their latest signing a band called Golem.

Kabbal are a four-piece death metal band with a good tight sound. They play a traditional sound, lots of pummeling drums, rough and raw vocals but not utterly inhuman. Some of the solos have a distinct power vibe on them, lots of flair and speed.

The band is pretty fast but not all-out all the time. Their good crunchy sound reminds me of bands like Entombed and newer Dismember more so than a band on Unique Leader for example.

Good presentation and packaging make this average death metal band slightly more appealing. The lyrics are in English and are not all gore and are interesting but nothing earth-shattering. There perhaps is a very slight futuristic vibe in the music and lyrics don’t mean to use ‘average’ as an insult but there are a lot of traditional death metal bands out there and it is difficult to make an impact, especially coming from a nation not known for it’s brutal metal. Worth checking out.
Track Listing

1. Extra Sensorial Journey

2. The Great Massacre (Verset 666)

3. Wisdom Of The Graves

4. Life Surge

5. Epitaph of The Elder Ones

6. Trihedron

7. Scientific War

8. La Citee De Marbre

9. Psychotic Democracy





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