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John 5
Season Of The Witch
May 2017
Released: 2017, 60 Cycle Hum
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Tragically perhaps it has been a decade since we reviewed any material from John 5. That surprises me actually, because I consider my self a fan owning six of his nine solo albums. Accordingly, a review is long overdue so let’s take a look at his brand new 2017, 9th full-length studio album, SEASON OF THE WITCH.

John does what john does without fail and without any sort of burning desire to change, which I admire. This album, like all the others I own is just full-on fun shred and guitar histrionics. The theme of the album, like many of his other solo albums has a bit of a horror-humour vibe with title tracks for the instrumentals such as ‘Guitars, Tits and Monsters,’ ‘Making Monsters’, ‘Dr. Evil’s Spook Show’ and the title track. The Marilyn Manson influence is still plainly evident thankfully including a bit of spoken word stuff inspired from 50’s horror movies

After a brief atmospheric opener, the album kicks off with ‘Black Grass Plague’ and never looks back. The album is pretty streamlined with the 14 instrumental tracks still coming in at under 40 minutes, some of the songs being no more than three minutes long. I love the speed-picking, the banjo, the bass solos, it’s all great! This guy is under-rated by fans of guitar (in my opinion) but not by the music industry as he is a big-shot studio guy has played for tons of big name, non Metal people.

John 5’s shred country-picking style is so unique and so refreshing that I really enjoy everything he does. All his albums, including this one are super fun, easy to listen to. SEASON OF THE WITCH reaffirmed my enjoyment of his work and makes we want to go back and pick up those last three solo albums I don’t own yet. Prolific and talented, if you don’t own any of his work and are a fan of speedy guitar instrumentals, you might as well start your John 5 collection with this album!
Track Listing

01. Book of Spells
02. The Black Grass Plague
03. Guitars Tits and Monsters
04. Now Fear This
05. Behind the Nut Love
06. Making Monsters
07. Dr. Evil's Spookshow
08. Here's to the Crazy Ones
09. The Macabre
10. DDD
11. Hell Haw I.G.R.
12. Ode to Jasper
13. Season of the Witch


John 5-Guitar



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