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June 2008
Released: 2008, Massacre Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Jenx is one of the biggest metal bands from France at the moment and despite the band’s short time in the business they have had much success since the their mini CD UNUSUAL was released in 2004. Jenx has already supported acts like Gojira, Oomph, Loudblast and Wormachine to mention a few. The band consists of 4 guys but one more studio musician was added in order to take care of the samples and machines. While the bio says this is metalcore/industrial metal with deadly machinery, painful doom attacks and thrash outbursts, I say it’s mid-tempo thrash metal with some lighter mallcore parts mixed in a weird way. If you mix some mid-career Sepultura with some Ministry you’ll get Jenx.

Lead singer Bertrand goes between singing in a regular aggressive style and some strange kind of rap/talk style. Even though his singing style is very unique and strange sounding at first I have to admit I really liked it after listening to him for a while, but his voice works best when he sings more aggressively. The band has very strong musicians and they do a good job overall. Lyynk’s work on the samples and machines gives the album a bit of an industrial metal flair, but to be honest they could have done that without his help.

There are no lead guitar parts at all on FUSELESS; instead, they rely on solid, thick layers of rhythm guitars. There are live drums instead of a drum machine, which is definitely a positive thing. FUSELESS clocks in at one hour and spans 13 tracks, but it feels a bit too long. Two bonus versions of the song “Demonhead” appear on the album as an EP version and a remix version.

My main concern with Jenx’s songs is the mallcore parts. I think they could have used less samples and machines in their music to make it more alive and heavier. The album is not bad, but it lacks a few elements that would make the music more alive and kicking. FUSELESS is a very mediocre debut album with songs that sound too similar to one another, but in the future hopefully the band will dump the mallcore influences and focus on the heavier and darker sides of their music.
Track Listing

1. Hole
2. Kira
3. Acht
4. Crawling Again
5. Doesn’t Hurt Anymore
6. Mute
7. Overloaded
8. Pulsions
9. Unusual
10. Last Fuse
11. Falter
12. Demonhead (EP Version) bonus tracks
13. Demonhead (remix) bonus tracks


Xavier Bertrand – lead vocals, bass
Jessy Perey – guitar
Maxime Lainey – guitar
Nicolas Larronde – drums
Lyynk – samples, machines (studio only)

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