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Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion
Till Death Tear Us Part
March 2009
Released: 2008, Black Mark Production
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Crystal Rhynes

Right off the bat TILL DEATH TEAR US PART by Jennie Tebler’s Out of Oblivion screams out that Jennie Tebler has an inflated sense of her own worth. Since I had previously not heard of Jennie Tebler, the fact that the band “belongs” to her meant absolutely nothing to me but I assumed she must be widely known in Sweden which is where this gothic metal band originates.

The insert which proclaims that “Jennie Tebler has the ability to reach your heart and soul with her lyrics” only serves to solidify the idea that Ms. Tebler believes herself to be a superior songwriter. However, the first song, “Brand New Start” begins with lyrics that state “you need to get out…please lock the door…all he does is shout…treat you like a whore” which (in my metal sodden mind at least) seem like something created by a sixth grader assigned to write poetry for an English class.

Musically, Jennie Tebler’s Out of Oblivion doesn’t quite deliver the standard ideal of gothic metal. Because the musicians in the band are clearly meant to supplement Ms. Tebler’s vocals, the resulting product is starkly reminiscent of Evanescence who also showcases the skill of the vocalist much more than the musical product underneath. If you are a fan of Amy Lee and Evanescence, you will probably like this album. If not, then this CD is probably not for you.

Track #1 “Brand New Start” is the heaviest song on the album and the rhythm guitars on that particular song are super tight leading you to have high expectations for the rest of the album. However, the only other song where the skills of the band are showcased to their fullest potential is track #9 “Release Me” and it is almost unlistenable because the lyrics are so simplistic and inane.

Overall, Jennie Tebler’s Out of Oblivion appears to be a clear example of otherwise decent musicians struggling to overcome the limitations of its leadership.
Track Listing

1. Brand New Start
2. Demons Ode
3. Queen of Ice
4. Life Full of Lies
5. Never Stop Crying
6. Mistake
7. Succubus
8. Enchanted
9. Release Me
10. Between Life and Death


Jennie Tebler – Vocals
Fredrik Rhodin – Guitar
Kent Jadestam – Bass/Guitar
Tony Baioni – Drums

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