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Jane Doe 69
August 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Since joining the staff of I have reviewed lots of Cd from many different bands, but no band more than Finland’s Jane Doe 69. They have 2 previous releases "Scars" and "Snakeskin" both from 2000. Here they are back again in 2001 with another E.P. of 3 songs which show their obvious maturation. On their first release their sound was a mismash of Machinehead, Soulfly and all those generic sounding mallcore bands. They started to move away from the overt sounds of these bands on SNAKESKIN and now SOLID is just that. A solid representation of what these guys can do. "Detergent" opens the disc with some intense tight and well executed metal. If there is one thing these guys are , it is tight. The production is powerful and performances are strong. The band speeds things up a bit with "Painting From The Nerve". The song quickly drops into a great groove which makes it probably the best song on the release. "Dead Somebody Walks" closes out the disc and contains a pretty good guitar solo. Its great to see that Jane Doe 69 doesn’t feel that the guitar solo is a passe 80s thing.

Once again I have to credit the band with a great production. I listen to many independent releases and know that most of them would kill to have a CD that sounds that good! As for development from their last releases. Jane Doe69 is almost totally divorced from the early nu metal influences that they had. Now their songs are powerful, not noisy. They continue down the path that will ultimately bring them to a wider audience. Check them out at
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