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Welcome To Your World (Promo)
August 2004
Released: 2003, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is a brand new Swedish act who started in 2001 by the two brothers

Patrik and Alex Räfling. They had a lot of problems to find the right members

in the beginning so it was first in the middle of '02 they found the steady

line up as they have now, and now the focus was set to put Jaggernaut on

the map in the metal community. This is the first taste of this new band,

the working name on the debut is “WELCOME TO YOUR WORLD”.

Jaggernaut plays pure power metal,and very well-played power metal

as well. They have strong songs, a brilliant singer, very rehearsed musicians

that know exactly what they are doing and they also have a numerous amount

of rhythm changes in every song. This cd includes 4 tracks. I have no info

about where they have recorded it or what studio they´ve used. The production

and the soundpicture is not particulary good but it works fine anyway.

“WAR IN MY SOUL” pure power metal with guitar and vocals high up in

the soundpicture. "CRUSADERS OF DEATH" more of an uptempo ballad. Very

strong choires that backs up Niklas nicely. “WELCOME TO YOUR WORLD” it

starts off right away with some guitar solo before Niklas starts to sing.

It´s not so fast but it´s hard and heavy power metal. Niklas sounds incredibly

angry, he has an incredibly strenght and capacity in his voice. He can

go very high up in the vocal register, and he do it really good. ”FREEDOM

OF MIND” a little faster power metal song. Again, real strong choirs that

backs up Niklas. Alex on solo guitar impresses big time here.

If the debut sounds as strong as this promosampler does, Jaggernaut

has the potential to go very, very far in the future. Though I´m not sure when the debut is going to be recorded or when it´s going to be released.
Track Listing

War In My Soul
Crusaders Of Death
Welcome To Your World
Freedom Of Mind


Alex Räfling - Guitar
Niklas Johnsson - Lead Vocals
Emil Ilic - Guitar
Tommy Larsson - Bass
Patrik Räfling - Drums

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