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Jaded Heart
Helluva Time
December 2005
Released: 2005, Frontiers Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Jaded Heart is an institution within the melodic hardrock scene. The band was started out more than a decade ago in 1990 in Germany by the singer/songwriter Michael (ex- Bonfire, Letter- X) together with his brother Dirk on guitar. The following year joined Michael (ex-The Sygnet) on bass and Axel (Mad Max) on drums. Just after the release of their debut INSIDE OUT, Christian joined on keyboards. During 1992 the guys supported the legendary Glenn Hughes and Mothers Finest, shortly after that left Dirk the band by personal reasons and the rest of the band then decided to use studio guitarists to replace Dirk.

The next album came in 1997 and went under the name SLAVES AND MASTERS and it was with that album the rest of the world took notice of the Germans. They did very well in Japan and did a tour on 40 shows with Axxis and Heavens Gate throughout Europe and the same year (‘97) came their third album MYSTERY EYES that was only released in Japan and Germany. Their fourth album called IV came 1999 and that year their new guitar player Barish also joined them.

The beginning of 2001 saw the release of Jaded Heart’s compilation CD under the name DIARY 1990-2000 and yet another tour followed, now with Gotthard, Chris left the band and was replaced by Henning. Another album came in 2002 as well as TRUST in 2004. After the tour, Michael B decided to leave in order to try a solo career. He was replaced with Swedish singer Johan Fahlberg (ex-Scuderio).

I think many fans are curious how the band sounds with a new singer. Normally it’s a win/lose situation with a new singer, sometimes it work and sometimes it don’t, just look at bands like Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Motley Crue which are examples of when it hasn’t worked so good with a new singer.

Johan handles his new task really well; he has a voice that fits Jaded Heart perfectly.

Music-wise the band’s guitar-based melodic hardrock is very close to what Bonfire sounded like back in the day. A few songs that stand out a bit from the rest on this 12 track album are “Tomorrow Comes”, “Somewhere”, “Dreams You’ll Never See”, “Who’s Foolin”, “Paid My Dues”, “Love To Live”.

And of course we have a few ballads as well; those are represented by “Without You”, “No One”, “Shores Of Paradise”, “Frozen Heart”, “Hole In My Heart”.

The album is full of well played 80’s melodic hardrock with a varied quality of the material. The amount of songs are too many, if they had shortened down the number of songs they would have a more compact album which had gained them a lot.

Jaded Heart has released an album that stretches out to every fan of 80’s guitar based melodic hardrock fan outthere. Personally I think it’s a little too melodic for my taste but if a melodic album with a lot of ballads appeals to you I think you should go out and buy it.

Also available from Atenzia Records:
Track Listing

Tomorrow Comes
Hole In My Heart
Dreams You’ll Never See
Who’s Foolin
Paid My Dues
Without You
Love And Desire
No One
Shores Of Paradise
Frozen Heart
Love To Live


Johan Fahlberg – lead vocals, guitar
Barish Kepic- guitar, vocals
Henning Wanner – keyboards, vocals, guitar
Axel Kruse – drums
Michael Müller – bass, vocals

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