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Live in America
October 2007
Released: 2007, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Instead of releasing a new studio album, the genius Jorn decided to unveil a new double live album for the fans. Jorn is maybe most known to the masses for his singing in Masterplan, but he had a solo career before that which he is now pursuing.

This live album was recorded in 2006 during Jorn’s first show in America where he headlined the ProgPower VII Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. The album’s 15 tracks cover songs from his entire solo career, a few covers and a 20-minute Whitesnake medley. There are three bonus tracks which include a new recording of his own song “Out to Every Nation”; the Black Sabbath cover “Lonely Is the Word/Letters from Earth”; and the unreleased song “Sacrificial Feelings”.

CD 1

The first disc contains his own material as well as a few covers and a drum and guitar solo. The solos could have been erased because how fun is it to hear drums and guitar solos in 2007? Solos must be a relic from the 80’s. Jorn doesn’t talk much in between the songs; instead he gives us proof of what an amazing voice he has. The songs sound very similar to how they sound on the album; they’re just a little rougher and meaner.

His fellow musicians do a great job and back up Jorn perfectly. The aces on this disc are “We Brought the Angels Down”, “Blacksong”, “Duke of Love” and “Out to Every Nation”. When you think of how much material Jorn actually has in his back-catalogue it’s a little strange that he wants to do covers, which are “Are You Ready” and “Cold Sweat” by Thin Lizzy and “Straight through the Heart” by Whitesnake. The covers are executed with great power and feeling and Jorn sounds extremely similar to David Coverdale in certain parts.

Disc 2

The album continues with a few really old tracks taken from the earlier part of his solo career. There are also covers of “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple and the long Whitesnake medley with 20 minutes of “Come On/Sweet Talker/Crying in the Rain/Here I Go Again/Give Me Your Love”. The last song lasts a little longer because Jorn invites the audience to sing along with him.

The very long medley ends the show and there are no encores at all. After that are the bonus studio tracks, the first of which is his new version of “Out to Every Nation”. After that comes another little medley with the Black Sabbath songs that were mentioned earlier. Last song is the unreleased “Sacrificial Feelings” which is a pretty boring melodic hard rock song in mid-tempo with heavy 70’s-retro influences.

Sometimes you question if an artist really ought to release a live album and if it’s justified, but in Jorn’s case I can think it’s justified, mostly because he doesn’t do many live shows and it’s hard for the fans to catch him live today. I do strongly question the set list, though. Why do so many covers and not let his original songs speak for themselves? God knows he’s got enough material for an entire two-disc live album and more. And why these long and boring instrumental solos? It wasn’t fun in the 80’s and it’s not fun now.

You still can’t escape the fact that Jorn is one hell of a singer and performer and if you’re a fan of Jorn you simply have to have this album; it’s well-invested money. But Jorn, please come out with a new studio album soon. His previous two albums were a cover album and a remake of his solo songs. The world is in need of a new one.
Track Listing

Disc 1
1. We Brought the Angel Down
2. Blacksong
3. Duke of Love
4. Are You Ready
5. Cold Sweat
6. Out to Every Nation
7. Guitar solo
8. Straight Through the Heart

Disc 2
1. Godless and Wicked
2. Soulburn
3. Devilbird
4. Perfect Strangers
5. Gonna Find the Sun
6. The Whitesnake Medley
7. Out to Every Nation (2007 version studio track)
8. Lonely is the Word/Letters from Earth (studio tracks)
9. Sacrificial Feelings (bonus studio track)


Jorn Lande – lead vocals
Tore Moren – guitar
Jorn Viggo Loftstad – guitar
Willy Bendiksen – drums
Stian Kristoffersen – drums
Steinar Kolmo – bass
Lasse Finbroten – keyboards (special guest)

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