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I Suffer Incorporated
Diagnostic & Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders
June 2011
Released: 2010, Spider Rock Promotion
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Now don’t get me wrong, Italy has a great and healthy Metal scene, whether it be from Grind extremists Cripple Bastards, to Symphonic Metallers Rhapsody Of Fire, or Labyrinth; From the Goth-Metal Pop sensibilities of Lacuna Coil, to the Folk Metal of Elvenking, or the Death Metal of Gaveworm…to name but a few acts who instantly spring to mind. But…and there is a HUGE 'BUT' here…in my own humble opinion, I Suffer Inc are simply NOT destined to be amongst the Italian ‘greats’.

I also have real ‘issues’ with Metalcore, aside from the mighty Stampin’ Ground, pretty much all those who followed have been whiney sub-emo/screamo shite! And further to this, since when do keyboards have any place in said genre? They simply don’t belong! Worse still is how smooth and polite this damned band and record are…this is horribly ‘safe’, ‘nice’, and generic…almost ‘Janet & John Play School’ stuff.

I feel like I should disqualify myself from reviewing this, as I’m struggling to find anything at all positive to say. I feel like one of the `Dragons’ in the “Dragon’s Den”…absolutely disinterested in investing in a really shoddy ‘no hope’ product… Strangely enough, I get no joy or pleasure from tearing this apart, after all, it is someone’s work, someone’s dream…but this is one ‘dream’ that simply will not hold up to scrutiny in the cold light of day. Fail. Colossal Fail!

Reviewer: Satanic Muttley
Track Listing

01 - Blasting Rodeo Drive
02 - Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny
03 - Pocket Doll
04 - Doctor Doctor (Cover UFO)


Alex Sweet Savage - Vocals, Rythm Guitar
Faster Percy - Lead Guitar
Franko Steel Blade - Bass
Wild Stuart - Drums

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