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February 2001
Released: 2000, Diehard
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Yeeeaaahhhhhh!!!!!! The heavy weights of death metal return! Long-time no-hear brothers! I never would have thought Illdisposed would end up being one of my favorite death metal bands. But ever since buying all of their albums a year or two ago, I just cannot get enough of their detuned ultra-heaviness. And so I obviously held this tribute album in high anticipation. That’s right! If you couldn’t guess by the title Retro (a lame title, I’ll confess), this new album is full of cover tunes. Frequent readers of Metal Rules may have read our little ditty a few months ago concerning tribute albums. Sure, I’m sick of them too. But I did mention, however, that it’s cool when one single band releases an album of covers, like Napalm Death, Slayer, and Overkill. I mean, if you dig those bands, how could you not dig their covers albums? Anyhow, Illdisposed do a major-league ass-kicking, head-banging, teeth-grinding, face-stabbing, throat-slicing tribute to some of the greatest influential bands of heavier musical genres such as death metal. An appropriate tribute nonetheless! So here’s what to expect: Darkthrone’s “Cromlech”, Infernal Majesty’s “None Shall Defy”, Carcass’ “Reek of Putrefaction”, Paradise Lost’s “Rapture”, Venom’s “Nightmare”, Autopsy’s “Gasping for Air”, Death’s “Open Casket”, Motorhead’s “Killed by Death”, Pestilence’s ruling tune “Out of the Body”, Obituary’s “Intoxicated”, and finally AC/DC’s “Beating Around the Bush” (the way death rock should be played)! Damn cool, eh?!? Damn right! What else can I say? Although I haven’t heard half the originals before, Illdisposed does very faithful renditions of those tunes I am familiar with. Which may come as a surprise to those familiar with their bastardized and brilliant cover of Megadeth’s “Wake Up Dead” on their previous release Something’s Rotten in the State of Denmark. In fact, I was a little disappointed in Retro, as I was hoping for some more bastardized covers. But hell, this disc rules nonetheless! Can’t wait for the new album boys!!! Bring on the heaviness!!!! Check out the Diehard site at And what the hell happened to the Illdisposed web site, damn it!?!?
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