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Ides Of Winters
Minus Twenty o
May 2016
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I reviewed the debut Ides of Winter album a couple of years ago and I said it took me a while to warm up to the band. (get it?) There was no such hesitation this time around with their sophomore effort, MINUS TWENTY O.

Edmonton’s icy Black Metal band is back with a ten-track affair with a clever title. I wonder if I can predict what the third album will be called? The band again spent considerable time and effort into a very good looking package. There were no photos of the band in the 12-page booklet this time around which is a bit disappointing because they look good and have a strong image. They band was nice enough to send me the limited ‘Black Winter’ edition which seems to have a bonus track, more on that later. The booklet includes liner notes for each song which I always appreciate and the cover art is more inspired this time around. The band have a bit of a theme running through the lyrics this time, specifically women, cold women, red women, witches, demoness’ succubi and more…all sexy and sexual…but not blatant, party/sex themes, not even close. The band closes with a cover of ‘Freezing Moon’, which in itself is not that original, as dozens and dozens of bands have covered it…BUT (!)… what a perfect tune for this icy cold black Metal band to pay tribute too! An excellent choice and they do a good version of it.

The original material is all top notch. Each song has great hooks, excellent individual musicianship, and the whole album has great production as well. There are some little audio extras like the violin at the beginning of ‘Vivienne’ and a few subtle sound-effect here and there that add flavour. The album is largely fast, some nice blasts and a strong sense of urgent tempo. It’s nice to hear a modern, new black /metal band that plays in the classic style of the early masters and add little modern touches that you might hear on an album from Cradle, Dimmu or even Carach Angren. The vocals of Tiberius shriek and flay the skin off the listener as the entire band keeps up the relentless pace.

In my opinion, it is hard to do ‘Black Metal’ properly. With so many lame ‘eco-friendly hipster, vegan, liberal, feminist, so-called, Black Metal bands polluting the scene, (and completely missing the point in the process) it is good to hear bands like Ides of Winter putting out albums like MINUS TWENTY O that easily blow away large number of crappy albums that seem to pass as ‘Black Metal’ these days. Purists rejoice.
Track Listing

1. Perfect Arctic Stars
2. Post Maternal Succession
3. Shiver
4. Compound Missfortune
5. Forgotten Angels and the Devil's Scribe
6. Vivienne
7. Six Digit Grave
8. Rusalka
9. Malady
10. Freezing Moon


Caesar Tiberius Vocals
Taus Mortulay Guitar
Bolad Viscol Guitar
Psychron Mithridate Bass
Levatis Silvarum Drums



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