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ID: Exorcist
Under a Ton of Ice
October 2010
Released: 2010, Droptone Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

UNDER A TON OF ICE. Yep. That sounds like a promising album title! It sort of prepares a listener for something downright heavy! Finland´s heavy wrestlers ID: Exorcist have reached a point in their 12-years career where it was high time to get their debut full-length album out, after releasing 5 EPs since 2001 in a row.

UNDER A TON OF ICE, with its 8 tracks squeezed into tight 32-minutes, brings out quite a raging heavy beast. The band has slightly expanded their from a ´Machine Head-meets-Lamb of God-meets-Meshuggah-meets-(new)Sepultura-meets-Entombed box, by adding more melodies and different nuances into their constantly hammering stuff – obviously not even fearing of breaking through any certain kind of musical boxes that many bands tend to set for themselves – just to keep loyal to their fans and stuff.

Most of all, ID: Exorcist rely on pretty wicked grinding and not-that-usual riffs and tempo changes on their album debut. They do not follow a standard 1st verse-chrous-2nd verse-chorus-repeat 1st verse type of handbook to show their tightened muscles to the whole world. Instead they keep their own things more off-track – and that way getting a chance to add a fair load of originality and sort of uniqueness into their own totally heavy approach. Songs like “Death of a Broken Man” and “Dirt Requiem” – are full of angst and pure hatred, are the ones that seem to bite best into my mind, bearing almost an intolerable heaviness in both but also wrapping up its listeners with deep colors of depression and sadness – as well as revealing some irresistible, touching beauty due to some really knock-out melody parts in them, accompanied with bowel-stretching grunting vocals.

UNDER A TON OF ICE makes a pretty decent promise what the title of the album says: Dropping down a ton of cold ice on the neck of its listeners, almost with an instant kill factor involved in it.
Track Listing

01. 13th Day
02. Let Me Go the Way I Want to
03. More Life
04. Feed My Bloodstream
05. Death of a Broken Man
06. Remains
07. Demon Shaped Phoenix
08. Dirt Requiem


Jaakko Mäntymaa - Vocals
Sami Hauru - Guitar
Antza Talala - Guitar
Ville Nissinen - Drums and percussion
Teemu Romppanen - Bass

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