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ID: Exorcist
March 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Some bands have this sort of ´an extraordinary inborn tendency´ to hit you severely like a ten ton hammer... and when it happens all of a sudden, even better. I mean, you listen to the very first riffs churned out from a certain band, and even those first riffs seem to squeeze all the ketchup out from you.

The Finnish panzer-heavy bomber division ID: Exorcist (what a great, original name, by the way...) is one of those bands that pierce through your mind and soul - and make you feel numb and lifeless by their massive, truly heavy and somewhat aggressive sound. ID: Exorcist draws their influences from Pantera to later era Sepultura to Machine Head to Mushuggah to Lamb of God to Hatebreed - and so on. And that´s exactly how they indeed do sound like. One is able to hear similarities to all those aforementioned acts and pinpointing which part would sound like this or that band, is somewhat unnecessary and pointless. These 4 fellows have all the hostile weapons ready to end your day by a full scale attack that they have on offer on FLATLINE, and they indeed manage to do a mass devastation in your nerve system with all those bullets, hammers, nails, etc. this album has been loaded with - but only partly, unfortunately. Songs like “Foodchain”, “Symptom” and “Glory in Vain” are all loaded with a ´Caution´ -sign, but unfortunately that warning plate leaves a listener under an impression he/she wants to get more than getting partly his/her heads, arms and legs ripped off. If they truly want to put their enemy to suffer and destroy it completely, they need to re-sketch their big stratagem a bit different way, and add a few surprising elements into it in order to achieve a better result. A song titled “Raadelma” comes pretty close to that more recommended target though. A fully acoustic song “Blood Blue Sky” just isn´t enough to do a trick for better this time, I´m afraid.

ID: Exorcist has full of a budding kill-power, so hopefully they will be able to take a full advantage of it on their next release. With FLATLINE, they still weren´t fully ready yet to spread their destructive fire around that effective and convincing way. Their bullets only managed to scratch the targets this time, not blow them to pieces as we are supposed to expect.
Track Listing

01. Foodchain
02. Symptom
03. Darkzone
04. Blood Blue Sky
05. Budget Cut
06. Glory in Vain
07. Raadelma


J. Mäntymaa - Vocals
Sami Hauru - Guitar
Jyrki Jänkälä - Guitar
Ville Nissinen - Drums

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