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Icy Steel
Icy Steel
March 2007
Released: 2007, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A never-ending stream of true Heavy Metal bands is what seems to put the whole world of Heavy Metal on its knees these days, for bringing things back to those roots that Heavy Metal -fans from all over the world overall respect and admire, swearing by the name of their sweaty leather boots and worn-out jeans.

First off, the fact is that Italy has become some sort of ´promise land´ of Power Metal over the past few years with tons of bands, Rhapsody leading successfully these troops outside of their home country. However, I´m somehow glad Icy Steel that come from a small city named Sassari, Italy, doesn´t come out from this Italian over-flowing Power Metal mill, but break this rule by their mid-paced, old school Heavy Metal. The band classifies their music as ´classic ´80s epic Heavy Metal´ which surely does some justice to what they are all about musically. Or in fact, not just ´some´ because that´s how I would describe them to someone, too.

Listening to Icy Steel it´s like messing around with my old Battleaxe, Omen, Manilla Road, Manowar, Maiden, etc. albums - finding that classic vintage sound of Heavy Metal again while at the same time, giving a freedom for myself to image riding on my black war horse towards a division of my pagan enemies: Burning their villages down, killing all men and children, raping their women and eating these bastards´ grilled flesh before the nightfall.

These 4 Italian horsemen (who even claims to be half-Vikings?) offer a nice and pleasant nostalgia trip to the good times of ´80s Heavy Metal by their somewhat simple and stripped Heavy Metal tunes. It´s full of familiarly sounding elements and even some overused clichés, but since nostalgia most often can be considered as a good thing - even in Heavy Metal, it´s somewhat easy to like these Italian cherishers of the ol´ metal sounds. “I See Steel”, while being a sort of epitome of nearly childish Heavy Metal clichés (ála Manowar), does what it should do in the first place: Filling up Heavy Metal fan´s ears by pure nostalgia - and that´s enough really!

To end this with a sort of cliché, too, Icy Steel rule and their steel shines bright, high in the air as a sign of deserved victory. Well-done, dudes.
Track Listing

01. Riding to the Battle (Intro)
02. Me, River
03. The Man without End
04. Spatial Dinasty
05. Wind of War
06. Valley of the Dragon
07. Secret of Rune
08. I See Steel
09. Corrupted King
10. Pandemonic Ride (The Last March)


Stefano Galeano - Vocals & guitar
Alberto Ertta - Guitar
Roberto Ladinetti - Bass
Alessandro Oggiano - Drums

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