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Icon In Me
Human Museum
June 2009
Released: 2009, Massacre Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Oh dear, here we have yet another band trying to jump on the metalcore band wagon. That’s unfortunately the best way to describe Russian export Icon In Me’s debut album, HUMAN MUSEUM. Actually, Russian isn’t totally accurate as, aside from three Russians the band contains a Swede (ex-Transport League vocalist Tony Jelencovich) and a Dane (drummer Sorensen). Whatever the case, I can’t say I’m a fan of what they’re up to here.

See, HUMAN MUSEUM is your basic paint by numbers metalcore, mixed with your equally paint by numbers melodic death metal. Basically, pick any random album from 2004 and you’ve got an idea of what Icon In Me are about. All of the genre’s hallmarks are here. There’s the breakdowns, the staccato riffery, the alternating roaring & clean vocals. It’s all done very well, but oh so clinical and uninspired. Besides which, I’ve never been a fan of Mr. Jelencovich, ever since I had to endure his previous band’s atrocious GRAND AMPUTATION E.P.

Anyway, I can’t rip this too badly as the band are competent enough and there are no truly BAD songs here. It’s just so friggin’ boring! Actually, this is pretty typical of recent Massacre Records output: pandering and behind the times. If you’re going to be retro it’d be nice if you went a little older than 5 years. Seriously, I’m not nostalgic for 2004 yet. Maybe when I turn 40 I’ll sit down and think, “Ah, 2004 was a great year, I should listen to some of my old albums from back then”, and I’ll grab HUMAN MUSEUM.

And then I’ll be disappointed all over again because I’ll remember that it was released in 2009. Nah, there’s no way that I’ll still have this album when I’m 40.
Track Listing

1) Dislocated
2) That Day, That Sorrow
3) End of File
4) Empty Hands
5) Moments
6) Blood Ritual
7) To The End
8) In Memoriam
9) The Worthless King
10) Turn The Dead On
11) Avoiding the Pain


Tony Jelencovich: Vocals
Derans: Guitar
Artyom Sherbakov: Guitar
Morten Lowe Sorensen: Drums
Konstantin: Bass

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