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Ichabod Krane
Beyond Eternity
November 2016
Released: 2016, Pure Steel
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I was writing some album reviews in late October and I was in the Halloween spirit…Halloween is after all the ‘Heavy Metal Holy Day’! Please enjoy this mini-seasonal themed set of reviews of 10 albums by Cradle Of Filth Ichabod Krane, Lordi, Metal Witch, October 31, Poltergeist, Sleepy Hollow, Them and Trick or Treat!

The band Halloween has been around forever. But as times change, people come and go and three members of Halloween ended up in their new project Ichabod Krane. If our European readers are not familiar with the name, Ichabod Crane is the main of the main character in an American short horror-story called The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It is the source of the headless horseman character as well. Oddly enough the guitarist of both Halloween and Ichabod Krane used to be in Sleepy Hollow! The band has expanded to a quintet and changed drummers since their 2014 debut called DAY OF RECKONING.

Classic, old school Metal is the name of the game when it comes to Ichabod Krane and their sophomore album, BEYOND ETERNITY. The band is fronted by Jeff Schlinz. He is also the singer for Wulfhook, a band I reviewed here on Metal-Rules earlier this year. (2016). I really liked his performance on the Wulhook album (THE IMPALER) but I found his performance a bit more restrained on BEYOND ETERNITY which is a bit disappointing. However, he is still a very strong singer with great range and power and hits some great high notes especially on cuts like ‘Metal Messiah’ reminding me of James Rivera. Twin guitars churn along good Metal riffs anchoring the album as does the solid rhythm section. The album crunches along, not too fast, and not too much in the way of shred or speed. There are a few bits of keyboards, I like how they sound on the track ‘When The Stars Fall’. The solos are spirited which adds a bit more excitement to the slightly pedestrian song-writing which could use just a bit more hook. The album ends of fairly strong note with a bit more of down-tempo song…not really a ballad but a more dark and morose tune called ‘Bitter Romance’.

There is nothing especially exceptionally or original about BEYOND ETERNITY but it is a solid album. It is a classic sounding album in a modern age, done well by veteran metal dogs who have been churning out the goods for 30 years. They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, which perhaps applies in this case.
Track Listing

1. Black World
2. Metal Messiah
3. Pandora's Box
4. Beyond Eternity
5. When the Stars Fall
6. Bring It Down
7. Why So Sad
8. Whiskey Angel
9. Bitter Romance


Jeff Schlinz Vocals
Rick Craig Guitar
Lisa Hurt Keyboards
George Neal Bass
Rob Brug Drums



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