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The Nature of Evil
January 2017
Released: Dec , Own
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

There are plenty of NWOBHM bands coming back for another go and some are releasing new albums. This is good news as, let's be honest, the old recordings have not

stood the test of time. Unless you were Iron Maiden or Saxon you never had the money for a good production. Icefire are a Tamworth and Birmingham based new

NWOBHM influenced band with seasoned pros from various acts, included Dave Paz from another legendary NWOBHM band Scarab.

They have decided to get female singer, Deborah Woodward, which is a great idea. With many male singers not up to standard or just shouting and growling, this adds

lots of melody to the music with catchy vocal lines. She can portray many moods through her singing and lyrics, telling tales of fantasy and reality. The music is mostly

mid paced riffing with drums and bass locked into a groove tighter than a duck's ass. When the drums break free you hear some beautiful understated drum rolls, especially

on the intro the second track Victims. It reminds me of the intro to Stay Clean by Motorhead.

At times I hear influences which range from classic Priest, with the type of riffs you would hear on Sad Wings of Destiny, to Motley Crue's Looks That Kill and some

mid-paced Wheels of Steel (Saxon) riffing. The fifth track, Drink Me In, starts off with piano before building up to a modern day Iron Maiden mid-paced song such as the

one about Benjamin Breeg. My one complaint would be to change the BPMs a bit on some tracks to give the album a bit more variation. Although there are plenty of clean

guitar intros and the second track Victim is a little faster than the others.

In 2016 (going into 2017) it is so refreshing to hear and album such as this which is brimming with class, and happy in it's own proverbial skin. Just the right length and

plenty of interesting storytelling in the lyrics.
Track Listing

1) Witches
2) Victims
3) Gypsy's Song
4) Free Me
5) Drink Me In
6) Illicit
7) Debt Collector
8) Drink Me In (soundtrack)


Debz Woodward (Vocals)
Billy Fitz (Bass)
Dave Paz (Guitar)
Steve Riley played drums on album
Phil Hunt now on drums in band

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