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Iron Maiden
Live After Death (DVD)
March 2008
Released: 2008, EMI / Capitol
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

FINALLY this iconic concert has made it’s way to DVD after way too many years. This has to be one of THE best concerts ever caught on tape. Shot during the infamous 84-85 World Slavery Tour, this concert is the ultimate for any and all Maiden fans. I remember the first time seeing this back in the day on VHS at a friend’s place and was awestruck. Now some 20 odd years later it looks a bit better as it made it’s way on my TV screen.

The picture is slightly cleaned up and restored but still retains some of the grain of the old vhs. Sound wise the mix isn’t the greatest. In the 5.1 mode Bruce’s vocals are too far down in the mix. More time should have been taken to make this perfect for such a highly anticipated release. The only other small complaint is that some of the songs from the shows are missing. The FULL set list should be included, at the very least as bonus footage.

Overall the release is very well done and is a Must Have for all Metal and Maiden fans. This is something that will get many, many views. Watching this show after many years of not seeing it made me feel like I was a teenager again. Seeing them blast through all the timeless classics is amazing. Most of the newer bands out today should study this and see how it is done. They can learn allot from Bruce and company. Everything from performance to stage presence to the audience interaction shows true professionalism and quality. Musically the band was dead on and tight and performed the songs flawlessly and in some instances better than their studio counterparts.

The second disc of “Bonus” features as such is quite a jem. You get the “History of IM: Pt.2” which is all about the POWERSLAVE and LIVE AFTER DEATH era. You get the POWERSLAVE promo videos, Live in Rio 85 as well as the BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN video. Who could ask for more????

Any and all Maiden fans should own this as well as any true Metalhead. One of the most anticipated and wanted releases for many a year.
Track Listing

Disc One

1. Churchill's Speech/Aces High
2. 2 Minutes to Midnight
3. The Trooper
4. Revelations
5. Flight of Icarus
6. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
7. Powerslave
8. The Number of the Beast
9. Hallowed Be Thy Name
10. Iron Maiden
11. Run to the Hills
12. Running Free
13. Sanctuary

Disc Two
1. Aces High
2. The Trooper
3. 22 Acacia Avenue
4. The Number of the Beast
5. Hallowed be thy Name
6. 2 Minutes to Midnight
7. Run to the Hills
8. Running Free
9. Aces High
10. 2 Minutes to Midnight
11. The Trooper
12. Revelations
13. Powerslave
14. Iron Maiden
15. Run to the Hills
16. Running Free
17. Aces High (video clip)
18. 2 Minutes to Midnight (video clip)

Bonus Features

The History of Iron Maiden Part 2, plus an extended Behind The Iron Curtain, footage from Rock In Rio 1985, plus the featurette Ello Texas plus four image galleries and promo videos, etc.


Bruce Dickinson-Vocals
Neil Murray-Guitar
Adrian Smith-Gguitar
Steve Harris-Bass
Nicko McBrain-Drums

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