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Iron Fire
November 2010
Released: 2010, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Denmark’s Iron Fire has released their 6th studio album in 2010’s METALMORPHOSIZED. The band’s style of power metal is still fairly safe and generic, but also technical and catchy doing what they do with passion and talent. As if the album title is not enough to announce the direction of the band, they hit you over the head with the over the top album art featuring a robot brandishing a curved sword preparing to cross a bridge. In keeping with the revolving door of band members in power metal, only vocalist Martin Steene remains from the original lineup. This is a good thing too, as Steene’s vocals continue to be an important highlight of the bands sound.

No question this is a guitar driven album, and also an album of mostly re-recorded demo tracks along with four new songs. For most fans, these songs will be heard for the first time here, and despite that some of the tunes date back to 2001, the album does not sound disjointed. The melodic and powerful “My Awakening” is one of the new songs, showcasing Steene’s excellent vocals and a pounding rhythm section. Pair this with the older and equally excellent “Riding Through Hell”, and it is clear that the band has not altered their sound much through the years.

Overall, METALMORPHOSIZED is a standard but well-executed album from the production to the music and lyrics. Undeniable are the band’s chops and the pummeling drumming from Fritz Wagner is as good as power metal drumming gets. You will not hear much in the way of keyboards on this album and it is obvious the band is fully committed to metal, which is why some of the cliché sections work. You get the feeling that Iron Fire stand behind and believes in every metal trick they use, and it is because of this that this album manages to rise slightly above many other power metal albums, despite its admittedly by-the-books power metal style. This album is recommended for all fans of traditional power metal.
Track Listing

1. Reborn To Darkness

2. Nightmare

3. Still Alive

4. Back In The Pit

5. The Underworld

6. Crossroad

7. Riding Through Hell

8. Left For Dead

9. The Graveyard

10. My Awakening

11. Drowning In Blood

12. The Phantom Symphony


Martin Steene - VocKirk Backarach - Guitars
Martin Lund - Bass
Fritz Wagner - Drums

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Iron Fire
September 2011
Released: 2010, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

Danish Iron Fire has had a turbulent career with many releases under their belt and their latest is METALMORPHOSIZED. This release features former band members as well as the guys from the existing band today. In total it adds up to a really good musical experience!

“Reborn to Darkness” is the first track and it really kicks things off! A really fast progressing and bombastic track where the riffs sound good and the drums are really appealing: especially during the chorus. The vocal and backing vocals are really diverse, shifting between high-pitching and lower levels. This adds another dimension to the already strong melody of the song. The album continues with a lot of power metal with symphonic elements such as in another strong track, “Back In The Fire”, which simply flows with good melodious and instrumental aspects.

The album also features a ballad portrayed by “Crossroad” and is a duet between a female singer and Martin Steene. This is new territory for Iron Fire but it works well.

METALMORPHOSIZED is a very consistent album with a lot of diversity in and throughout the songs. However, it can feel a tedious at times due to their power metal (mostly mid-paced) style looking across the whole album. Digesting each song separately doesn’t quite leave me with this impression though as they all, more or less, contain much variation.

“Phantom Symphony” is very unlike all the previous tracks as it features 9 ½ minutes of a much more blended power, heavy and symphonic metal track. It is not an overly exciting song, however stable, but closes METALMORPHOSIZED off in a decent way.
Track Listing

01. Reborn To Darkness 5:08
02. Nightmare 3:48
03. Still Alive 5:04
04. Back In The Fire 3:30
05. The Underworld 6:30
06. Crossroad 4:28
07. Riding Through Hell 3:17
08. Left For Dead 4:11
09. The Graveyard 3:43
10. My Awakening 4:25
11. Drowning In Blood 3:57
12. Phantom Symphony 9:41


Martin Steene – Vocals
Kirk Backarach – Guitar
Martin Lund – Bass
Fritz Wagner – Drums

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