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Demented Perception (EP)
February 2010
Released: 2009, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Invection comes from the East Bay, California, who were put together by 4 high school friends in the beginning of summer 2007, The guys shared one very same interest, and that was listening to metal music. So why not put a band together then?

That´s what happened eventually, and since then the band has been spreading their music like disease by playing shows around their home area with several known and less known names from D.R.I. to Sentinel Beast to Exmortus - and releasing 2 demos and 3 EPs off which I got the band´s 2nd 6-track EP in my hands lately.

Musically, these four youngsters play a quite traditional sounding Bay Area thrash, clearly belonging to the same category as some other young thrash acts as Warbringer, Bonded by Blood, Lazarus AD, etc. – to all those new thrash legions that have adopted this well-known trademark-ish Bay Area thrash sound for themselves – and kicking their songs out under that wild spirit, uncompromising attitude and nostalgic feeling. The band kicks ass in a relatively effectively way on their 6-song DEMENTED PERCEPTION EP. The riffs are good and sharp, there´s enough hooks in their songs, vocals + gang like shouts are well done and with a good taste – and overall Invection sounds very convincing on this 6-track effort all in all. I am definite every time when these guys hit stages, they are a lot of fun and entertaining to watch – just not a slightest doubt about that!

Invection has a new 4-song EP out now called DEREALIZATION – and I am hungry to hear it based on the very positive impact that the reviewed EP of theirs just had on me. Invection is here to shoot to kill!
Track Listing

01. Cranial Abyss
02. Two Faced Lie
03. Invection
04. Putrescent Resurrection
05. Incarcerate
06. Controlled Insanity


Andrew Kubiak - Vocals & guitar
Drew Gage - Guitar
Andy Lindquist - Bass
John Haag - Drums

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