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Dusk | Subside
August 2012
Released: 2012, Relapse Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Doom metal at its best!! Bring on Inverloch!!! Created from 2/4 the beasts that were the legendary diSEMBOWELMENT, these boys from Melbourne have stormed onto the metal scene with this beautifully done masterpiece of an EP.

Opening with Within Frozen Beauty opens with eerie, yet ambient sounds before the slow yet melodic guitar intro. Paul really keeps up the beat in this track in the beginning, even as the pace picks up with immense blast beats and what sounds like treble bass. The guitars rip this open fully, tremolo picking and insane palm muting before bringing on the doom with one chord hits. The bass through out its insanely heavy, yet keeping amazingly in time with the insane drumming, Tony you beast! But what really does complete this are Bens vocals, the grunts that flow through this track adds to the power of the beats.

The Menin road opens in the traditional style of doom, the dreary toned guitar, Ben’s slow and monstrous growls, slow but crunchy bass lines and slow drum beats. But this 06:32 epic remains in this tone throughout, and is amazing. With the ambient sounds along with Bens grunts really creates one hell of an atmosphere for all to remember.

Shadows of the flame slowly opens, using amazing sound effects to really open up this track into more dimensions before kicking in! Now in this track you have to admire the guitar work of Matt and Mark, one kicking in with the slow, one note hits whilst the other creates a mood with an eerie riff. And Paul’s off with his blast beats again! The track opens up fully with the thrash before slowing down again. Gotta love the eerie drowned out grunts Ben provides in not only this track but the entire EP. And at over 8 minutes long, it’s a monster of a track. The tone continuously changes through out this EP, you never know what way it’s going to go; from slow, dreary doom; to the fast paced death side. Yes Dusk | Subside gets full scores from this happy reviewer.

Review by Wolf Shankland
Track Listing

1. Within Frozen Beauty
2. The Menin Road
3. Shadows of the Flame


Ben James- Vocals
Matt Skarajew- Guitars
Tony Bryant- Bass
Mark Cullen- Guitars
Paul Mazziotta- Drums

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