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Iron Maiden
Ed Hunter
August 1999
Released: 1999, EMI/Chrysalis
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: David Lee

Unless you are one of those completist IRON MAIDEN fans, like me, you wouldn't really be running out to get this for the music alone because all twenty songs are available elsewhere and in a considerably less expensive version than this three disc set. Why you would be picking this neat little package up is for the CD ROM game, "ED HUNTER." The game is comparable to "DOOM" in that it is incredibly violent but it is the journey through the worlds and history of IRON MAIDEN as incorporated in the game that make this thing special and, I must say, sinfully fun! I wish that I could tell you more about the game itself than how much fun I, and the few that I have allowed time with it, have had trying to track down Eddie in our computer generated private eye persona but I can't seem to live past the second level, yet.

The coolest thing about this game, for me, is that I can't help but flash back to the days when I had just run home from the record shop with one of the new MAIDEN albums, threw it on the turntable, (yeah, I am that fucking old!), slipped on the headphones and stared at the album cover as the image and the music took me on a journey far, far away. Now, I can do the same thing only the images have been made for me and I am an active participant in the vision. Cooler than cool.

There are customizable options to the game such as the ability to have whichever MAIDEN song you like from the twenty included as background music for your quest. I usually pick "Wrathchild" to accompany me as I shoot bottle throwing punks in the face. Oh yeah, occasionally photos of the band members will pop up and if you are quick enough you will be able to shoot them and get an extra life! Be Quick Or Be Dead indeed! Good fun for the family? Not really but neither is rock and roll and that is the way it should be!

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