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Ion Dissonance
September 2010
Released: 2010, Basick Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Demonator

Note to record company big-wigs the world over: you want to mainline whatever magical Kool-Aid Ion Dissonance have been sipping into every act on your roster, and soon. Why? Ion Dissonance have been kicking it since 2001, and despite much hoopla have thus far produced mostly the sort of chug-a-minute deathcore dross that makes you question whether or not hearing is over-rated. Their last full-length, 2007's MINUS THE HERD, plodded along from start to finish like a geriatric in a He-Man costume, flexing plenty of fake muscle to no apparent end. But CURSED is a different proposition; enough that you could quite comfortably get away with convincing a cynic that they're listening another act altogether.

The studio debut of Antoine Lussier's eight-string guitar should put on ice any debate over whether this Montreal crew has softened their approach. CURSED is bona fide mean - the sort of aggrandized hissy fit that will strip the paint off your bedroom wall. Eye-watering technicality continues to be mainstay in the band's formula as well and there are moments scattered across the record where the riffing or Jean-Francois Richard's spastic drumming lands with such inhuman precision that it borders on robotic. The big difference though is the stark presence of actual songs, anchored by hooks that were clearly cast in some sort of hellish underground basement. "You People Are Messed Up" and "Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?" are immediate highlights if only for their lingering memorability. "We Like To Call This One…Fuck Off" nips at their heels, a final, breathtaking dirge punctuating its potency in the least relenting manner imaginable.

The real kicker though is iTunes exclusive, "Pallor", a track that's certainly nothing less than experimental when taken in context of the Ion Dissonance lexicon. Sporting clean vocals and a shockingly accessible chorus, it's delivered as a tongue-in-cheek taunt to those who may otherwise have painted them with the same brush as metalcore's loathsome tweens, providing ample evidence to suggest that if they wanted to wimp out they probably could do so quite successfully. Thankfully that seems to be a long way from happening and that's a very good thing indeed.
Track Listing

1. Cursed
2. You People Are Messed Up
3. The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same
4. This Is The Last Time I Repeat Myself
5. No Care Ever
6. After Everything That's Happened, What Did You Expect
7. We Like to Call This One...Fuck Off
8. Can Someone Please Explain This to Me?
9. Disaster in Sight
10. This is Considered Mere Formality
11. This Feels Like The End…
12. They'll Never Know
13. Pallor


Kevin McCaughey – vocals
Antoine Lussier – guitar
Sebastien Chaput – guitar
Yannick Desgroseillers – bass
Jean-François Richard – drums


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