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Iron Savior
Dark Assault
January 2001
Released: 2001, Noise Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Germany’s sci-fi power metal masters have returned with their third full-length CD – Dark Assault. The CD single called “I’ve Been To Hell” from November 2000 introduced us to the storyline for this CD and to some of the songs. As prophesied on the EP, this album is another masterpiece.

If you are a fan of Iron Savior, then you are no doubt a follower of their lyrics and the exploits of the Ancient Atlantis created machine known as the Iron Savior. In this saga, the Iron Savior re-surfaces from the deepest regions of space to defend mankind and the Calderans from what is called the Shadow – an seemingly unstoppable race that travels between universes sucking up resources and destroying all in the expansion of their dark empire. You will have to sit with the lyrics of the album for a night to absorb the storyline. I’ve said it before, and here it is again, guitarist/lyricist Piet Sielck should write this into book format, or even better, a movie should be made for the storyline.

Besides an excellent storyline, there is plenty of metal to sink you teeth into. Perhaps my favourite song on this is the CD icebreaker “Never Say Die” which like most Iron Savior songs features a very powerful chorus and high speed power metal riffing. This is the kind of aggressive power metal that really buts a smile on my face. Kai and Peit share both vocal and writing duties for another of the CD’s godly moments on the track “Solar Wings.” If you like Judas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance / Defenders of the Faith” era material then this is THE song on Dark Assault for you. The Priest song that comes to mind when hearing this is “Riding on the Wind.” The Priest-ism is most prevalent on the chorus thanks to Kai’s piercing vocals. “I’ve been to Hell” is another song that will be rattling around in my head for days thanks to the memorable chorus! It is not actually meant to be taken literally – the title is an analogy for how the Iron Savior felt in solitude of deep space. Other songs on here that stood out for me include “Predators” (thanks to Kai and Piet sharing vocal duties), “Made of Metal” and “Firing the Guns.” Although Peit handles the majority of the vocals, Kai also delivers his vocal talents in a few places. Bassist Jan Eckert shares vocal duties and delivers a cool performance on the song “After The War.” It has become somewhat of a tradition for Iron Savior to cover a Judas Priest song. For the CD’s closing track, they cover “Delivering the Goods.” As usual, they do a great job…Peit must be a major Priest fan!!

As I had hoped, so Iron Savior has delivered. At first I thought of Iron Savior as just “the other band that Kai Hansen was in.” However, after three full-length releases I have come to view Iron Savior as a band that stands on it’s own merit as one of the better modern day power metal bands with their own sound and style.
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