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Into Eternity
May 2000
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Into Eternity hail from Saskatchewan, Canada. This place is definitely not on the metal map but this band are out to change that with their impressive self titled debut.

The first band that I thought of when hearing the opening track "Torn" was Cynic. This was thanks to the vocals which have a mixture of death and clean vocals with some kind of phased type of effect on them. This vocal effect is not as pronounced as that which is used by Cynic on their godly Focus CD, but it's there. Musically this is kinda in the Cynic vein but it's no where near Cynic in terms of complexity or technicality. According to the band's bio they combine the "rhythm attack of death metal with the clean melodic color of progressive passages." That's pretty much on the mark. The clean vocals are have a Sebastian Bach kind of feel but without the power and range. But then again not many have the power of Baz's vocal delivery! It's not that the vocals on here are not good, but I think it's the vocals with the same tone (and effect) on them that makes this not stand out. It's OK in places but it could use some work. Stand out tracks are "Torn", "Left Behind" and "Speak of The Dead." I was also sent a 4 song CD-R including some of their new stuff recorded in 2000. The song on this that caught my ear was "Walk Through The Fields of the Dead" (even the vocal pronunciation is like Baz on this one).

All in all a fine effort from a new prog/death metal band and above many other band's first stab at it. It will be interesting to see if the band evolves beyond this state to better the clean vocals while still keeping the death metal influences intact. For more information on this band drop by

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