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Words of Violence (promo-demo)
March 2010
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A mild ´wow!´. What a pretty damn cool looking logo and cover in here!

Intervention, this 5-piece act comes from the northern part of Finland, some of the guys started out in a Megadeth cover band, and getting ready to form their own band, which they eventually did in the summer of 2007.

The band´s second, 3-track promo-demo, shows the band´s different faces as far as metal in its different forms is concerned anyway. There´s some modern sounding thrash, some death metal, some kinda Gothenburg-ish melo-shit, some rocking elements and whatever tiny elements in Intervention´s sound that one is able to spot out from their songs. It´s a kinda mixed soup anyway - and especially the 1st song off this promotional recording, "Say It with Violence", should appeal to the metal loving community most as it´s a pretty groovin´ and melodic fucker, kind of like it was intentionally made for an instant ´hit song´ for this 3-track promotional demo.

This promo´s next 2 songs definitely count more on aggressive elements, sort of declaring a war in the name of thrash - and trying to make the very best out of it. Both songs do have some nice riffing and soloing in them, but the real winner out of these 2 songs in question is the last song, "Left for the Scavengers", being absolutely the heaviest and thrashiest songs on the demo - and even having a couple of chilling thrash screams present that actually make one hope they could use a little bit more of them in their forthcoming material at least.

All in all, some good, and some not so good on this young band´s 2nd effort. In my sincere opinion they should focus on one style more, and not trying to obtain too many bits from here and there to make it work even better for them. If they want to be a thrash band, then they should concentrate on those things so that they could live up in a better and more convincing way to this particular genre´s name in question. If they want to be something totally else metal genre-wise, then it´s completely different thing, of course.
Track Listing

01. Say It with Violence
02. Run Like Hell
03. Left for the Scavengers


Tuomo Marttinen - Vocals
Johannes Leipälä - Rhythm + solo guitar & backing vocals
Juho Kilpelä - Rhythm guitar
Joni Lehto - Bass & backing vocals
Ville Alakörkkö - Drums

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