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Growing Line of Caskets
March 2011
Released: 2011, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Rovaniemi is located up in the north of Finland, and it´s also being considered as the capital of Lapland. Intervention is located in Rovaniemi as well – and they are made of a mixed soup of different metal ingredients; some thrash, some death and some melo-death alá Soilwork, In Flames and the likes of similar sounding acts.

The band´s 3rd recording – a 3-track demo going under the GROWING LINE OF CASKETS moniker – is again, may I say, a solid effort from this relatively young Finnish metal act. The guys obviously have lots of potential behind them to make some name for themselves among the worldwide metal community – as it´s proven by the 3 songs that are presented in this brand-new demo recording of theirs. There´s some good ideas sticking through their modern metal, of which some references to late Death stuff can be drawn out for sure, especially when it comes to the last 2 songs on this demo recording, “Rattlesnake Skin and Forked Tongue” and “Growing Line of Caskets”. The soloing and some certain melodies can even easily be connected to the later era of Death´s notebooks; Chuck´s spirit is definitely evident as a part of Intervention´s sound, which I find a good thing – being the huge Death fan that I am.

What I particularly don´t like too much here, are the growling vocals that somehow sound kind of forced at times. Naturally there´s also some space for other improvements. By this I mean Intervention could think of a bit better how to make some certain parts click with each other more seamlessly, as there are a few moments within the songs that seem to be just a little bit out of place in my opinion – and sort of not following the same solid recipe the way it could perhaps do in the most ideal way.

Other than that, Intervention does have the capacity to become something bigger in the future if they just keep on pushing and challenging themselves constantly as far as their songwriting is concerned – and first and foremost believe in what they will obviously do.

Anyway, not bad – not bad at all.
Track Listing

01. The Mortal Shell of Man
02. Rattlesnake Skin and Forked Tongue
03. Growing Line of Caskets


Tuomo Marttinen - Vocals
Johannes Leipälä - Guitar and backing vocals
Juho Kilpelä - Guitar
Joni Lehto - Bass and backing vocals
Ville Alakörkkö - Drums

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