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Visions of Apocalypse
October 2015
Released: 2015, Unspeakable Axe / Dark Descent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It’s been a while, but Bay Area thrash/death metallers Insanity are back with their first full release since 1994. ‘Visions of Apocalypse’ is a fast-paced, riff-filled assault which has been years in the making due to the passing of the original drummer and subsequent line-up changes, making this an album of perseverance.

Sacrefixion throws us straight in with some unrelenting riffs, pinched harmonics, angry vocals and catchy passages. It’s bouncy and fast with some rapid guitar sweeps underlaid by incessant bass riffs and percussion which keeps the sound tight as it powers through to the next track ‘When’. Here the drums get more complicated and schizophrenic before the third track ‘Sociopath’ treats us to some more rhythmic variations and vocals you can imagine drunk people shouting. ‘Mortification’ doesn’t let up either, this is another for the drunken hordes. ‘Disillusioned’ picks up the fast riffs and technical edge again, smashing its way through ‘Dread The Dawn’. ‘Tired’ and ‘Blind’… I am nearly both of these things. Finally! The last and title track, can I breathe? Briefly. It’s not long before the ominous recorded beginning gives way to more riffs, fast drumming and persistent bass lines which see out the end of the album.

Visions of Apocalypse is unrelenting and… insane. I don’t usually like thrash and I am not familiar with Insanity’s back catalogue, but they manage to throw in a little technical/death edge that keep things interesting and mildly humorous throughout this album.

Review by Helena Byrne
Track Listing

1. Sacrefixion

2. When

3. Sociopath

4. Mortification

5. Disillusioned

6. Dread The Dawn

7. Tired

8. Blind

9. Visions Of Apocalypse


Dave G - Guitar & Vocals

Juan C - Drums

Jeff S - Guitar & Vocals

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