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Insane Inside
Dying for the Revelation
June 2006
Released: 2003, Insane Inside
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Got an unreleased 3-song demo of Deicide from 2003 in my hands by accident and thought it sounded way better than the band´s latest effort, SCARS OF THE CRUCIFIX. None of these three particular songs got featured for SCARS..., and I´m just wondering why?

No, hold on a moment there... Actually I DID think this thing in my hands was supposed to be some kind of a rough mix demo from Deicide for SCARS, but the front cover says something like "Insane Inside" and "Dying for the Revelation". And the latter title must be the name of this demo and "Insane Inside" must be a name of this band!? And that´s what it is... Insane Inside? Hmmm... a pretty cool name for a band; at least it´s a fitting enough title to describe the music on this 3-song demo-CD. Insane Inside, this relentless fivesome from Finland, does their ´deicidesque´ copycatting in a respectable way, but actually managing to sound slightly better and simply catchier than majestically diabolic originators of that kind of sound themselves. They also remind strongly of Dan Swanö´s Infestdead and even Finland´s Scent of Flesh, but since those two aforementioned names have also sucked most of their influences straight from Deicide, it´s hardly surprising they sound like this and that, right?

All three songs on the demo that vary only between 2 to 3 minutes in length, have a strong smell of Deicide in them all, and but damn, they are so well-done and well-presented that I rather pick up this demo-CD for my CD-player than any of Deicide´s last three studio albums simply because of that fact this so-called ´crush-and-kill´ -element in Insane Inside´s sound is more convincing, more vicious and just more present than in those Deicide´s latest outputs. Ville Wiren (yes, that Domination Black -fame, too!) and Saku Hakuli have well learnt their home lessons how to create those corpse-heavy, shredding riff-fests in the true Hoffman -brothers fashion, and T. Miinala bellows his lungs out as effectively as Mr.´666´ himself. Insane Inside´s well-crafted Death Metal is a pleasent fun from start to finish - and hopefully, just hopefully, there´s more of this on its way in the coming months.

And where do we need Deicide for any more as we have bands like Insane Inside and Scent of Flesh nowadays that still have IT in their sound?
Track Listing

01. Nations Fall
02. Drained
03. Dying for the Revelation


Ville Wiren - Guitar
T. Miinala - Vocals
Saku Hakuli - Guitar
Pasi Hakuli - Bass
+ drum machine


(*top secret*)

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