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Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust
March 2009
Released: 1996, Shiver Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Forgotten Gem Review

The Belgian Shiver Records put out a handful of good releases in the 90s ´til they went on hiatus for some years before eventually firing up their activities on the release front in January 2006 again.

One of the better releases that I remember from this label, was this Dutch death/thrash combo´s debut album, Inquisitor's WALPURGIS – SABBATH OF LUST, featuring a whirlwind of 11 intensely rolling and kicking cuts that were obviously meant to tame some waters.

Listening to the album, it´s Sadus´ name that pops up in my mind more than just once or twice - and especially their debut album ILLUSIONS, added with some hysteric bits of serial killer lovers, Macabre´s direction, I would say. Based on the sheer intensity of their songs on WALPURGIS, it´s rightful to say that these dudes carried the mantle of sonic terror proudly that left total havoc behind them whenever they hit.

Frantic speed and ever-burning aggression are those two main elements that are constantly present within Inquisitor´s songs - those also being the important and vital elements that I most often tend to look for in my daily dose of thrash/death metal. Inquisitor offers plenty of that through the whole album - and oh man, I feel indescribably entertained.

Erik´s piercing, somewhat simple chainsaw-like guitar riffing, Wim´s merciless blast beat attacks, Hans thunderous bass lines - and like a true icing of the cake, Alex´s extremely deranged and vicious vocal parts (Alex´s got a pretty amazing range of vocal styles that remind me of Darren Travis´ vocal outbursts a lot, varying from occasional growlings to King Diamond type of wailing) pushes the adrenaline levels, an integral ingredient of this album's unbeatable winner´s recipe. It´s only fair to state that this album simply screams to be reissued as I believe Shiver Records´ original edition wasn´t that big at all in the very first place.

Too bad this band is no longer among us. WALPURGIS - SABBATH OF LUST is anyway a great testament from this furiously blasting Belgian death/thrash troop whose first and so far last record has stood the test of time. Therefore in my opinion here´s a band that should be resurrected to the today´s commercial and polluted metal scene, most definitely!
Track Listing

01. Damnation for the Holy
02. Consuming Christ
03. Condemned Saints
04. Trial of Denial
05. Chaos in Eden
06. Jehova's Downfall
07. Crypt of Confession
08. Unholy Seeds
09. Cry of the Christians
10. Fallen Missionary
11. Inquisitor


Alex Wesdijk - Vocals
Erik Sprooten - Guitar
Hans Pos - Bass
Wim van der Walk - Drums

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