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Inner Wish
Silent Faces
July 2004
Released: 2004, Limb Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Inner Wish is a new melodic metal band from Greece. SILENT FACES is the bands 2nd album following their debut WAITING FOR THE DAWN (1998) and is their first album for Limb Music. The band bio mentions that both Jag Panzer and Riot are key influences for Inner Wish. Riot I can sort of hear, but not Jag Panzer as Inner Wish is more of a melodic metal band.

The album sound is acceptable but a bit boomy (I had to adjust my sub-woofer when it played for some reason). Vocalist Babis Alexandropoulos does not sing with an accent like some clean-singing euro-metal vocalists. His voice is clear and is somewhat like a less powerful version of Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica. His voice is good but could use a little work. “Dancer of the Storm” starts the album sounding like a typical power metal song but when the vocals come in the music tones down to slightly slower tempo. The vocal style, while melodic, is not the typical Helloween or Priest-like vocal styles found in many power or melodic metal bands. The vocals come off as safer sounding and less aggressive. Not always a bad thing, but they could be a little sicker or sung with more force. “If I Could Turn Back Time” sounds like some forgotten 80’s metal gem that crosses into the realms of Dokken, Loudness, or Fifth Angel. In places I was also reminded of Sonata Arctica - without the speed. This is followed by “Midnight Call” and it continues in the 80’s vein with more melodic mid-tempo metal. “Hold On” starts excellently with a notey/bouncy riff which is returned to later in the song. That is perhaps one of my favorite riffs on the album. In the same song, at 2:42 begins another of the album’s cooler riffs right before the solo…too bad that riff wasn’t played longer or expanded upon before the solo began! Title track “Silent Faces” shows a Queensryche influence (Operation Mindcrime or Rage for Order – era). “Set Me Free” also brings to mind Queensryche (“Eyes of a Stranger” to be exact) even more than the title track. The first part of the solo section in this one is played in harmony and is done very well before the backing music picks up and we hear some killer shredding…perhaps the best soloing on the album?!? The bass is also busier in this song than in some of the others and is well executed. The album’s longest song, “Dreadful Signs”, begins heavier than most tracks on the album with a nice drum pattern, chunky riff, and some elegant lead melodies. Just when you think you have a handle on the song it picks up speed and cuts into clean guitars. The promise of a really heavy song vanishes. It does speed up later sounding not too far removed from HammerFall power metal for a verse….original and unusual structure but it works.

Inner Wish are not really a power metal band but are more of a melodic metal band that fans of classic/melodic metal and 80’s Queensryche may like. I enjoyed the album, especially the guitar playing, but for my tastes the band could use a little more aggression.
Track Listing

1. Dancer of the Storm
2. Hold me Tight
3. If I could turn back Time
4. Midnight Call
5. Hold On
6. Silent Faces
7. Dreadful Signs
8. Set me Free
9. Riding on the Wind
10. Realms of Tomorrow


Babis Alexandropoulos - lead vocals
Thimios Krikos – guitars
Manolis Tsigos – guitars
Antonis Mazarakis – bass
Terry Moros – drums

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