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Inner Ferocity
Unholy Symphonium
February 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Inner Ferocity is a one man band originating from Montreal, Quebec Canada by way of one Dominic Brassard, who handles all vocal, instrumentation and compositional duties by his lonesome.

UNHOLY SYMPHONIUM begins with the album's title track, falling somewhere between modern death metal and Scandinvian black metal. The best parallel I could use to describe this would be Behemoth, though Inner Ferocity demonstrates a bit more unconventional avante garde leanings. The drums are programmed which is no surprise given that drummers who can blast and double kick at this level are few and far between. "Guinea Pig" is next and features a lot of tech heavy riffs, complex in nature with many momentum shifts in tempo. "Silent Screams Begging" is an ass kicker of a track, blasting out of the gate with some tremolo picked palm muted riffs of brutality. The vocals of Dominic Brassard are pretty uniform necro throughout the duration of this release. While they do sound cold and venomous, the monotony does set in after a while.

"Betrayal Of Fate" shakes things up a bit with some thrash influenced riffery, before segueing into more extreme territory. The CD ends with "Gravitational Mass" a tune which features some nice leadwork from Inneer Ferocity's namesake Dominic Brassard.

All in all, a solid and well produced first offering from Inner Ferocity. I would again mention that I think the vocals should play off dynamics a bit better, there is a ton of different influences apparent on this release due to the manic riffs demonstrated by Dominic, but unfortunately the vocals and phrasing tend to make every song sound interchangeable and drag on during repeated listens. A little work in that department should make all the difference in the world for this guy.
Track Listing

1. Unholy Symphonium
2. Guinea Pig
3. No Way Out
4. Silent Screams Begging
5. Domination Refusal
6. Betrayal of Fate
7. Significant Whispers
8. Gravitational Mass


Dominic Brassard - All instrumentation and vocals

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