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Ice War
Ice War
December 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Canadian Carnage! Because I am a true patriot, once or twice a year I like to do a quick spotlight and some short reviews on newer, independent, underground Canadian Metal bands. That time is now! Thanks to all of the bands who sent me material for my spotlight. In the spirit of the PMRC, I have chosen a ‘Filthy Fifteen’ (+1!) as some (but not all!) of the bright lights, innovators and leaders of Canadian Metal. Most of them are independent bands releasing their debut album or EP in 2017. Check these bands out, they are the future of Metal! They are (listed alphabetically)…

Abomb (Calgary)

Decatur (Toronto)

Emblem (St. John’s)

Evereal (Mission)

Hammerdrone (Calgary)

Heaven’s Fire (Toronto)

Hounskull (Mississauga)

Ice War (Ottawa)

Maglor (Calgary)

Monarch Woods (London)

Operus (Toronto)

Osyron (Calgary)

Solarus (London)

The Lightbringer (Quebec City)

To The Mountains (Lethbridge)

Votov (Winnipeg)

Joe Capitalide is one of these really prolific, yet perhaps scattered one-man band types guys like Cederick Forsberg. Jo has been in almost a dozen bands playing bass, drums, guitar singing, he does it all. Ice War is his latest project.

Jo is talented and hardworking enough that he must have caught the eye of the venerable Shadow Kingdom Records who picked up Ice War for their self-titled debut. He has put out a short, eight song debut of punch traditional Hard Rock / Heavy Metal sounds. I say Hard Rock because some tracks like ‘Dream Spirit’ remind me of heavy-ish, late 70’s Helix for example with a rock ‘n’; roll vibe. The production is a bit muted and muffled the bass drums don’t really stand out but I think the production values are intentionally old-school to match the vibe of the album. Jo handles everything himself and does a solid enough job. My favourite track is ‘Slaver’s Whip’. Everything is pretty well done, a good band name, good logo and interesting cover art, you can never go wrong with a skull!

It’s funny to think that when I was young there were so many bands in this style signed to little labels like New Renaissance, Greenworld that never quite made it and yet and a massive treasure drove now being discovered by guys like Capitalcide who are bring this ‘old-is-new-again’ style to fore front. I love it, I’d rather have 10 of these types of bands than one mallcore abomination because Ice War gets what Metal is about.

A commendable debut.
Track Listing

1. Battle Zone
2. Dream Spirit
3. Standing Rock
4. I Am the Prisoner
5. Slaver's Whip
6. Reverence of Gold
7. We Will Stand
8. Falling Out


Jo Capitalized - Everything



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