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The Lemming Project
March 2016
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

American Metal legends Riot had an album in 1998 called Inishmore. When I received the new album, THE LEMMING PROJECT by the band Inishmore, it was my first time I became aware of the band. I just assumed they named themselves after the Riot album. A little research shows this Swiss band has been around for quite a while and may have even predated the Riot album! Regardless of who or what came first this band is a very nice discovery.

THE LEMMING PROJECT is the sextet’s fourth full-length studio album but their first in over ten years. It looks like the band has had quite the overhaul in the intervening decade adding a new guitarist, drummer and perhaps most importantly, a new vocalist. The band is independent but judging from the quality this album they are very worthy of getting signed by any of the mid-sized Metal labels in Europe.

Despite an odd title and a bit of an uninspired album cover (and a logo change!) the band are very decent. They present a solid type of Melodic / Power Metal. They possess many of the elements to make an impact. The vocals of Michela Parata soar nicely and she possesses a mid-range to higher voice but not the song-board style. She has a bit more grit and power in her tone. The songs are generally mid-tempo to some decent fast parts, I would prefer a few more faster songs, but who doesn’t. The ballads are lush and well written. There are some really nice solos like the one on the track, ‘Part Of The Game’ and I’d like to hear more of this performance from the twin attack of Fabian and Jarek. Overall I might be tempted to say the sound is average, not bad but average but the element that takes this THE LEMMING PROJECT from good to above average is the song-writing. A highlight for me has to be the track ‘Finally A Love Song’, which is sort of a ballad but not really. It has some nice celtic/folk fiddle/violin sections and even a flamenco styled acoustic intro section. The numerous and radical tempo changes are what make this song great. It goes from jig, to Power Metal to lush ballad in an instant. It works really well. ‘Red Lake’ and ‘Better Off Dead’ are heavier numbers but very well written and the former having interesting with some little keyboard flourishes and very tiny hints of harsher male vocals in the background. The ballads are tear-jerkers, and the album ends with the epic title track accompanied by some male vocals as well.

If I had to compare Inishmore to another band I might say they have that quirky cool quality of a band like Elvenking, but not as much emphasis on folk. THE LEMMING PROJECT has so many interesting and diverse characteristics I can’t help recommend it to people. If they keep this level of quality up I’m sure many more people will discover this band and hopefully they can jump on a bigger tour and launch the second phase of the career.
Track Listing

1. Cup of Lies
2. Merciful
3. Better Off Dead
4. Finally a Love Song
5. Part of the Game
6. Manifest
7. Eternal Wanderer
8. Red Lake
9. Where Lonely Shadows Walk
10. The Lemming Project


Michela Parata Vocals
Jarek Adamowski Guitar
Fabian Niggemeier Guitar
Pascal Gysi Keyboards
Daniel Novosel Bass
Alex Ortega Drums



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