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Lambs to the Slaughter
August 2007
Released: n/a, None
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Hanntu

Let me first get this off my chest – the sound on this 4-song demo is unbelievable.

Okay, Inimical are a deathcore band from Copenhagen in Denmark, and LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER is their second demo in two years, the first being ROOM NO. 13. They were originally formed largely from the members of Faith Industrius and other Danish bands which I’ve never heard of. They claim to play “the grey area between hardcore and death metal with brutal vocals, pounding drums, aggressive and melodic guitars”.

I have no argument with that description. They play a pretty standard deathcore style with all the usual elements of shouty and growly vocals, although there’s no screaming. The breakdowns are less obvious, and there’s a lot more melodic guitar than most deathcore releases, although the riffing is standard. The drumming is pretty good as well, but again nothing to make you prick up your ears and go “hello, what’s this!”

But I simply cannot believe the sound on this demo. The sound alone pulled it up a whole point on my score. Whoever engineered/mixed/produced this demo has done an awesome job, and should be commended for it. When the opening drum riff kicked in, I knew it was going to be awesome. My mind forgave all the standard riffing, it overlooked the standard vocals, and it ignored the standard drumming. My mind completely focused on the sheer heaviness of the entire soundscape. The vocals, drums, guitars and bass are in perfect balance. I can hear the vocals perfectly, the little breaks in the singer’s voice, the phlegm in his throat, even what he had for lunch before entering the studio (okay I exaggerate.) The guitar tone is beautifully brutal, brutally beautiful. The drums are mixed almost to perfection, you don’t hear the kick drums so much as feel it cracking your molars, and the drums sound like drums, not like overproduced tin cans. And while they were playing the bass, some Japanese dude monitoring the Richter scale in Tokyo must have looked up from his charts and sensors and whatnot and gone “fuck me, there’s something going on in Denmark!”

Considering this is a demo effort, I really have to say it does NOT sound like a demo. Inimical will NOT win any awards for originality, but the prize for the best production goes to…
Track Listing

1. Lambs to the Slaughter
2. Knife
3. Caught Within
4. Deathspawn


Michael Sjøstrøm - Guitar
Peter Wolf Frandsen - Bass
Morten Sørensen - Guitar/Vocals
Dennis "The Machine" - Drums

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