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Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
March 2009
Released: 2009, n/a
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Bruce Sanchez

FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION is the new EP from Copenhagen’s Inimical. As you might tell from the title, they’re not very subtle fellows. Therefore, neither is their music. It’s loud, abrasive; a blend of death metal vocals and styling, and the better parts of hardcore.

Inimical isn’t just another deathcore band, though. They are very groove orientated. The third track, “Another War”, is a bouncy number that I can't help but imagine kids practicing karate to. It's also the best track of the album. Other tracks go from fist pumping riffs, to slower breakdown bits at the drop of a hat. The drumming is thunderous, and thankfully blast beats are used sparingly throughout the EP. Automatic thumbs up there. Beyond that, nothing else really sticks out. There is a good sense of melody, however. And Inimical seem more interested in keeping a song running smoothly than anything else.

FUBAR is a nice, fun listen. But it's not going to replace your Hatebreed collection (if you have a Hatebreed collection).
Track Listing

1. Hatred Breeds Hatred
2. Emptied of Life
3. Another War
4. Remnants of a Black Soul
5. False Prophets
6. Ugly


Tan Møhl-Hansen - Vocals
Morten Sørensen - Guitars
Michael Sjøstrøm - Guitars
Peter Wolf Frandsen - Bass
Martin Egelund - Drums

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