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Ice War
Dream Spirit
August 2016
Released: 2016, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Jo Capitalicide bleeds heavy metal. Based in Ottawa, Canada, the guy’s been in a number of lower profile bands over the years, including a live stint with Cauchemar and a couple of albums released under the Iron Dogs banner. Nothing earth shattering but pure metal of spirit, all. Back in 2015 Capitalicide switched the Iron Dogs name to Ice War and has set about releasing a slew of singles / EPs (four and counting as of this writing!).

DREAM SPIRIT is Ice War’s third EP and features three cuts, the title track, “Warriors of the Sea”, and a cover of Running Wild’s classic “Chains and Leather”. Pure traditional metal is the order of the day, with Running Wild being a good touch point however the music also features a strong lineage back to the NWOBHM. Indeed, Ice War shares more than musical sensibilities with the NWOBHM; it also has the same D.I.Y. work ethic. Capitalicide plays all of the instruments, the production is crazy lo-fi (but clear!), and his vocals are…interestingly earnest. No one will mistake Capitalicide with Bruce Dickinson, but that’s OK. Musically, the two originals are thunderous metal tracks with “Warriors of the Sea” being an up-tempo war tune containing an odd sing-along quality, while “Dream Spirit” is mid-paced swing with squealed solos and those sincere vocals.

A release like DREAM SPIRIT isn’t polished and its not meant to be. Ice War is a celebration of classic heavy metal music and the independent attitude from whence it came; it’s ugly, imperfect, and glorious. Bands like this, toiling in the underground, are the lifeblood of our beloved scene and deserve some attention. Hail!

By the way, all four of the band’s current EPs are available on their Bandcamp page (link above). They’re all similar to this and worth hearing. Check ‘em out why don’tcha?
Track Listing

1. Dream Spirit
2. Warriors of the Sea
3. Chains and Leather


Jo Capitalicide: All instruments, Vocals



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