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Initiation On the Ordeals of Lower Vibrations
January 2015
Released: 2014, Nuclear War Now!
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Infra, a new edition to Nuclear War Now's ever growing roster, are an amalgamation of several driven and experienced metal musicians which have been tearing their separate ways through Portugal's metal scene over the years under various guises. Now united in Infra they have produced a two track taster E.P to embark on a collision course into the wider metal scene.

With a mouthful of a title "Initiation On the Ordeals of Lower Vibrations" Infra have started by choosing a title which although is a fair assessment of the E.P is hard to remember and rather elongated. Pretty amusing though. Infra begin the recording with 1 minute and 11 seconds of an ominous bell tolling in the background. Once the instruments obliterate the tolling bell, the guttural "UUUGGH" from the vocalist launches the doomy droning guitars, taking the listener straight to a dark foreboding place.

The first track 'Communion' progresses from a slow paced doomy, droning piece to a faster more death infused expansion after 2 and a half minutes. Around the 3 minute 20 mark comes the best section of the song. A dark atmospheric riff higher up the fretboard that proceeds to be pulverised by a brutal return to the lower frets, culminating in an excellent piece of potent head banging material. Doesn't last long enough for myself but you know what they say, "too much of a good thing"......Once this section is over we are thrown back to the droning introductory formation where the song climaxes in a messy onslaught of an old school sounding mish-mash of goodness.

The second and final track of Infra's introductory E.P is titled Perversion of Sulphur, a slow paced blackened slice of death which begins with a gut wrenching guttural scream from the vocalist. A truly rude awakening although the song fails to follow on from the initial impact. Though longer than 'Communion' this track lacks the same punch and is more structured around black melodic themes instead of crushing death. There are moments when Infra break into faster switches in tempo and move forward into rapid blasting uniformed barrages of sound, yet they are only momentary and quickly devolve back into the slower main body of rhythm.

Although showing potential, Infra have limited the effect that this E.P could have had. I would think that there would need to be another track or two to bring a balance to an introductory recording, merely for the fact that they have illustrated that they have talent and they know how to create sound structures of songs but they fall short of having immediate impact. There will be a large audience for Infra as long as they can produce a wider body of discography. They have a fairly strong following on their native soil and have impressed through live shows so they need to come out again all guns blazing for their next release in order to gain a stronger foothold on the wider metal scene.
Track Listing

Perversion of Sulphur



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