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Infinitus Mortus
December 2010
Released: 2010, n/a
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

People are generally influenced by their surroundings and in part by larger questions of existence. During the time of the Millennium there were many metal artists who wrote about that topic and the supposed end of days. Well as we all know the apocalypse didn’t happen, so the next ‘big’ apocalyptic event is the year 2012 in the Mayan calendar. I’m already starting to see a number of bands write about this topic. Infinitus Mortus was kind enough to send along their disc and it is the third one (at least) I’ve seen this year that has a South/Central American style pyramid on the cover. That’s not a criticism but I expect as we draw closer to 2012 that theme is going to be more common.

For an independent job 2012 is a nice package, a couple of photos, notes etc, but I would have liked lyrics. The liner notes suggest we ‘Embrace The Beginning Of The End’, which is not bad advice. Sonically, the production is very good. Clear, loud with a nice mix in the instruments. Steve handles everything except vocals and lyrics which are supplied by Tara. Steve gets a pretty decent drum sound and he actually plays the drums instead of programming them.

Tara falls firmly in the operatic, soprano school of neo-classically inspired vocalists. Some feel the sound is played out but I personally love it. She has a rich and powerful voice with an excellent delivery. Her lyrics are generally insightful and speaking of apocalyptic scenarios, literally and metaphorically. Infinitus Mortus is certainly not ‘happy’ power metal by any means. The overall tone and mood are quite somber and dark tying in nicely with the lyrics. Synthesized sounds, piano, and orchestral sounds are laced through the songs tastefully, not overpowering the metal. Although the sounds are that long they do have a bit of an epic feel to them, not too fast or note dense.

2012 is a very strong entry into the metal sweep-stakes and will find a broad appeal in Europe and south America and more open-minded fans in North America.
Track Listing

1. The Dark Rift
2. The Next Atlantis
3. Worst Plague of All...Love
4. A Drink From The Nile
5. Bloodlust
6. My Apocalypse
7. The 10th Planet
8. The Unknown
9. The Final Battle
10. A Golden Age


Steve-Everything else



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